Mt. Angel Sausage Co. honored with Innovative Business Award

April 2022 Posted in Business, Community, Food & Drink

By Stephen Floyd

When COVID-19 lockdowns began in 2020, the restaurant industry took a massive blow, and those who wished to survive had to adapt.

Mt. Angel Sausage Co. rose to the occasion and – in addition to take-out orders and outdoor seating – owner Jim Hoke took an international food display that occupied a corner of their waiting area and expanded it to a European Market with its own storefront. The move was an almost-immediate success, keeping the business afloat and providing a unique shopping experience that attracted both locals and visitors.

The chamber said the European Market is now a fixture in Mt. Angel, something the community “didn’t even know how much we needed” until it was open. For this ingenuity and spirit of perseverance, the chamber honored Mt. Angel Sausage Co. with the Innovative Business Award.

“Despite all the challenges they faced and financially tough times, they never hesitated to continue to support our community with donations, sponsorships, and more,” said the chamber announcement. “Congratulations Mt. Angel Sausage Co. for being an innovative business and an important part of this community.  We are so grateful for your continued support!”

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