Free sausage lunch surprise for volunteer crew at Detroit Community Center construction site

April 2022 Posted in Community, Food & Drink

Volunteers working to finish the Detroit Lake Community Center were recently treated to a free lunch by local businesses as the project nears completion.

Construction on the new community center started a year ago after the original building was destroyed during wildfires in 2020. The Santiam Rebuild Coalition has been collecting donations of labor and resources for the project through the Detroit Lake Foundation.The foundation said a grand re-opening will be announced soon.

On March 25, DeSantis Landscapes, of Salem, trucked in sausages donated by Mt. Angel Sausage Co. and grilled them on-site for workers.

Rich Duncan Construction Inc, of Salem, who is leading the project, said on Facebook they were very grateful for the kindness of the businesses.

“Thank you for your kind hearts and supporting the community,” they said. “We appreciate you all!”

DeSantis Landscapes was already planning to arrive with workers, and PVC donated by Horizon Distributors, to help rebuild the irrigation system. 

The free lunch was a total surprise for the volunteers, as well as the fact that Mt. Angel Sausage Co. decided not to charge for the meat when DeSantis arrived to pick it up.

– Stephen Floyd

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