Family crafted – Paradis Vineyards opens on-site tasting room

April 2022 Posted in Business, Community, Food & Drink, People

By Melissa Wagoner

It’s been 32 years since Pete and Donna Paradis planted their first block of Pinot gris vines in what would eventually become the Paradis Vineyards. It is only now – with the opening of a newly built tasting room – that they realize they are truly in the business of wine.

The interior of the new on-site tasting room at Paradis Vineyards

“It’s a leap. It’s a big leap,” Tim Paradis said. He and his brother, Pierre, took over the majority of the day-to-day operations of the vineyard in 2017. 

“Pierre and I used to say we had our toes in,” he continued. “But now we’re in it” he said of the commitment the construction of the building represents.

It’s an investment, to be sure. The open-air concept building has banks of windows and a wraparound deck that provide visitors a sweeping view of the vines that produce the vineyard’s wine and the grazing goats, sheep and even emus that serve as a reminder that this is first and foremost a working farm.

For the Paradis family – fourth generation farmers – farming hasn’t always meant grapes. In fact, grapes were an experiment of sorts, conducted by the brothers’ dad, Pete, who was looking for a crop that would be less labor intensive during the summer when he also had a landscape business to run.

“They were looking for a crop that the bulk of the work was in the winter,” Tim confirmed.

While he has some doubts as to whether or not those vines actually achieved his father’s goal, they did achieve another one – bringing the family closer together than ever before.

“We work together well. We found that out early,” Tim laughed.

Pierre agreed, “You can’t trust anybody like your family.”

It’s a bond that appears to encompass the entire family. Pete picked up the charcuterie boards for the tasting room on opening day. Mom Donna pokes her head out of the on-site office to corral the new vineyard puppy.

“We’re not changing our principles – we’re still family-run,” Tim pointed out.

Emus and goats reside on the active farm

That means, on any given day, customers to the tasting room might be served by a member of the family, each one knowledgeable in the eight varietals offered, like this year’s surprise wine, a sparkling Riesling.

“There was a little bit of residual sugar,” Tim said. That sugar led to extra fermentation and eventual effervescence in the wine. “But it makes great mimosas.”

Plus it’s a wonderful addition to celebratory events like bridal showers, birthday parties or anniversaries – any of which could be held in Paradis Vineyards new open-air space.

“We’re also going to do some live events with music,” Tim said of summer plans, which he hopes will bring visitors out to the vineyard.

In the meantime, the family is taking things one day at a time. Initially they are opening the space Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. or by appointment while they work out any kinks. The vineyard is located at 17627 Abiqua Road NE, Silverton. More information is available at

“It’s gone very smooth so far,” Tim said, looking around at the building, which is mostly his design. “It’s turned out just the way we wanted.”

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