People Out Loud: It’s not easy – But occasional guest columnists welcome to apply

February 2022 Posted in Uncategorized


As an optimist, I am pulling for us to get past these mid-winter doldrums and this general malaise. These are not easy times, and as I remind everyone walking by with a pulse – there are no easy answers. 

Ukraine is on our minds, as it should be, with memories of the Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, and seemingly untenable demands for settling amicably and diplomatically. Even more worrisome to this optimist? Russia, China, and Iran are conducting joint military exercises in the Indian Ocean. 

COVID is still here, and the big question is if we will ever get it under control. There are signs that the Omicron variant is running out of potential “hosts,” and we are seeing numbers begin to slowly drop, sort of. I want kids in school thriving, with happy, challenging teachers, a great marching band and drumline on the field again, and extracurricular activities filled with youth wanting to excel at soccer, chess, or activism for the greater good. 

In other words, I want them to enjoy their childhood again. I want us to stop arguing, beating each other up on social media, and I want this ugly virus to pack its bag for a trip to a small, uninhabited island in the South Pacific, with no food source. 

I want leaders to emerge that are less tied to partisan politics and more interested in getting the greatest country in the history of the world back on track. “Crossing the aisle” should not be a vulgar and treasonous notion but one reflective of our collective desire to do better for the most Americans through mutual respect, new and fresh ideas, and the rule of law. Forgive me, but 2024 begs for this new type of leader. 

We have much more in common than differences. Let us focus on those things we share, and work on those differences so that each person can walk out of the room and feel, “This isn’t perfect, but I can support it.” Let us start with kids. We can do better for them. We must. 

For those who send me nice comments about my monthly musings through emails, texts, tweets, or verbal kudos in the produce aisle at Roth’s, thank you. To those who are critical but have some research behind their thoughts and respectful, thank you. To those who chastise me about expressing my opinion, this is an opinion column. Kind of like that guarantee in the First Amendment. 

Our Town goes out to over 20,000 people. Which takes more courage? Putting your thoughts to paper in the store window for all to see, or hiding behind the “Cloak of Invisibility” from Harry Potter, where you are hidden but free to lob insults? I promise to do better, as it is difficult to remain silent when barbs are soft on substance.  

My friend, Fred Vandecoevering did a wonderful job as a guest columnist last month. Would you like to write as a guest this spring? Feel free to email me at [email protected] and put ATTN: DIXON in the subject line. I will respond and explain the rules (and there are not many).  It is not always comfy in the store window, so be forewarned. But it does have some perks.

Note: My opinions are my own and in no way are reflective of the company I work for as an independent contractor.
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