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Letters to the Editor: Ballot qualification?

Although I live in Silverton, I work in California, most often remotely.

I am a strong supporter of Nick Kristof and his run for Governor of Oregon.

I don’t understand why he is not on the Ballot.

I read a news story about former Supreme Court Justice Riggs[’] opinion that Nick qualifies, and a guest opinion by three former secretaries of state who agree that, when it comes to determining eligibility to vote or run for office, election officials usually err on the side of inclusion, not exclusion, from the democratic process.

That is how it ought to be.

But the current Secretary of State abandoned those principles and barred Nick from running.

What does that mean for me and scores of other Oregonians who go to school or work away from our home state. If he loses his right to run, will some [of] us lose our right to vote?

I like that our former secretaries of state have trusted voters to choose our leaders.

That feels like Oregon to me.

I urge the Oregon Supreme Court to put Nick on the Ballot.

Frank Wuliver, Silverton

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