Witnessing an act of bravery

October 2021 Posted in Other

We all have a different image of what it means to be a hero. For some, it is a flying, caped super-human; for others, an inspiring ancestor whose legacy has shaped the lives of their family. In recent months, our healthcare workers have proven to be an army of heroes. For many of us, encountering a true hero in our day-to-day life is a rare and standalone experience and one that is impressed firmly into one’s heart. This past Saturday, amidst the smoke and flames of the historic Mount Angel blaze, over 120 heroes fought with all they had not only to save the buildings, businesses, and livelihoods of the affected parties, but to preserve the welfare of the town itself.

At approximately 1:15 that morning, my family and I arrived on the scene of the already-raging inferno and watched for the next three hours as the flames spread to two other buildings, and finally our very own business, Hiddenbed of Oregon LLC. We could do nothing but look on with hope and trust that the firefighters would preserve whatever could be saved of the four buildings as well as the rest of the town. 

As it became clear that our building would not be spared, one of the firefighters approached us and asked us what he could do for us. Because of him, we still have our records, our files, and our product designs. He personally went into the burning building to assess how they could be saved and had every available hose in that area directed towards our office. When we sifted through the rubble later that morning, our hearts were flooded with joy to find nearly every object of importance in our office salvageable. Without such an act of bravery, we would have come out on the other side of this disaster very differently. But for our own encounter with a hero, our business is alive and moving towards an even brighter future.

Thank you to all the heroes who risked their lives for us, for the other business owners, and for the community of Mount Angel.

Anna Maria Cobb
Hidden Bed of Oregon, LLC

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