Legacy Silverton Medical Center professionals support vaccination

August 2021 Posted in Uncategorized

Your local medical community would like to publicly announce our support for vaccination against COVID-19.   We have all received the vaccine and encouraged all of our eligible family members to be vaccinated. The available vaccines are safe, rigorously studied, well tested, and highly effective at preventing severe disease and death.  We are in an unprecedented state of crisis which has dramatically worsened with the Delta variant. There is a severe shortage of open hospital beds throughout the state and the country which is only getting worse. We have very limited treatment options for COVID and prevention is no doubt the best for everyone. We would like to urge every eligible community member to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Whatever your motivation: self-preservation, patriotic concern for your country, protection of your loved ones or to prevent shutting down our economy and schools – PLEASE GET VACCINATED!

Thank you, members of the Silverton Hospital medical staff:

Alfonso Capuras, NP

Amy Zastrow, MD

Analiesse Carter, MD

Antonio Germann, MD MPH

Anya Bailis, MD

Ashleigh Lauren Smith, CRNA

Brian Puskas, MD

Cameron Klug, MD

Dan Hyde, NP

Daniel Harris, MD

Dann Leonard, MD

Denis Dalisky, MD

Denise Chun, MD

Devin Salazar, CNM

Diane Inda, PMHNP

Elizabeth J Blount, MD

Faith Koschmann, MD

Frank Golden, MD 

Garrett Pool, MD

Heather Diaz, MD

Heidi Abreu Pacheco, MD 

Isaac Kobzeff, CRNA

James Domst, MD

James Nealon, MD

James Stageman, MD

Jamey Walker, MD

Jay Patrick Brown, MD

Jean Yau, MD 

Jeff Hemstreet, MD

Jennifer Stevens, DNP, FNP-BC

Jess Miller, MD

Jesse Bohrer-Clancy, MD

Jessica Lehrfeld, DO 

Joel Oyama, FNP-C

John Dewayne Powell, CRNA

John Gilliam, MD

John R. Turner, MD

John Sessions, DPM, PhD

Jonathan Frankel, MD

Julian Uselman, DO

Katherine Snyder, MD

Keith Haugen, MD

Kendall Christensen, FNP

Leslie Drapiza, MD

Liška L Havel, MD, MPH

Lori L. Swain, DNP, CNM

Marc Braman, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACLM

Mary Tippin, CNM, NP

Matthew Kay, MD

Megan Kirkpatrick, NP

Michael Grady, MD

Molly MacMorris-Adix, DNP, CNM

Nathan B Bay, MD

Nicholas Boespflug, MD, PhD

Nikolaus Kashey, MD, MPH

Patra J. Murdock, RN, FNP

Rae Johnson, PA-C

Robert Hillstrom, DO

Rodney E Orr, MD

Roger Epstein, MD

Sabine Volchok, MD, MPH

Sarah Peters, MD

Shandra Greig, MD

Sierra Ford, DO 

Stephanie Go, MD

Susan Delmar, MD, MPH

Tanja Epley, DO

Tom Newton, MD

Tracy Whitmire, FNP-C

Trevor Tippets, DPM

Wendy J Smith, MD, MPH





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