City of Silverton: Insights from City Manager’s first 90 days

July 2021 Posted in Other

By Ron Chandler, City Manager

It’s been two months since I began working in Silverton and it’s been great. I’ve met many residents and business owners in town who have all been very welcoming. I’ve enjoyed getting to know our City Council and City staff. They are dedicated public servants who keep things moving forward.

During these past two months we said goodbye to some key staff members. Angela Speier, Elizabeth Gray, Chelsea Starner and Steve Reeder moved on to new opportunities. We wish them well. They will be missed.

We saw McClaine Street reopen. Thanks to all of you and especially those who live and work on McClaine Street for your patience while this important resurfacing took place. I hope as you walk through town, you’ll notice the beautiful landscaping, new street lights and resurfacing on this street.

Just last weekend, new traffic lights were installed at the intersection of McClaine, C and Westfield Streets. Left turn signals were added in all four directions to help improve traffic flow. Additional traffic pattern changes will occur within the next few weeks that should also improve the traffic flow. Keep your eyes open for the notification of these changes.

A new 18 unit subdivision was approved on Schemmel Lane. The applicants, Habitat for Humanity, will build affordable, single-family attached and detached houses.

The fiscal year 2021-2022 budget was adopted at the last City Council meeting. It’s been said the budget is the City’s most important document. Silverton’s $63,132,851 budget will direct the City’s spending for the next 12 months. The budget also contains the City Council’s mission statement, vision statement and goals. The City Council’s mission is to “provide exceptional public service that ensures safety, maintains infrastructure, preserves our unique heritage, and protects natural resources while proactively pursuing emerging opportunities to enhance our quality of life.”

Finally, Governor Brown rescinded “orders that impose mask mandates, capacity limits, expanded capacity limits that depend on vaccine verification, and physical distancing in businesses and other sectors.” Thanks to everyone’s hard work and sacrifice to make this happen.

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