Lighthouse Sanctuary honors animal advocacy

October, 2011 Posted in Business

Senior Deputy Brenda Lumley of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office was given The Humanitarian Award by The Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary at a Sept. 24 function in Scio.

Lumley, a 24-year veteran, was recognized for her investigative work on animal abuse cases.  She is experienced with farm animals and has taken a lead role in the investigation of malnourished and neglected animals in Marion County.

In the past year she has worked with owners struggling to care for their animals during difficult economic times.  In some cases she arranged for animals to be voluntarily turned into rescue agencies. In extreme cases she secured court orders to seize animals who were in jeopardy.

With the care provided by non-profit agencies like Lighthouse, virtually every animal seized has been returned to good health.

“Knowing we have someone knowledgeable like Brenda that we can count on is a real plus.  She is relentless in her dedication to these animals”, Lighthouse Founder and Director Wayne Geiger said.

Undersheriff Troy Clausen also commended Lumley’s work. “It’s not just about enforcement; it’s about advocating and caring for animals that can’t fend for themselves.  She’s a true professional.”  

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