A female perspective: New hospital clinic focuses on women’s issues

October, 2010 Posted in Your Health

By Mary OwenCertified midwife Elise Erickson of Santiam Memorial Hospital’s new women’s clinic holds an infant

A new medical clinic opened last month by Santiam Memorial Hospital offers women a wide array of services.

“I’m excited to be part of this clinic from the beginning – to start with a vision and to have a hand in what it becomes,” said Dr. Susan Taylor, a medical doctor specializing in obstetrics and gynecology.

Dr. Taylor is joined by certified midwife Elise Erickson to provide treatment in women’s health care, including annual exams, hormone therapy, osteoporosis, incontinence, pregnancy, pre-natal and post-partum care, gynecological care and surgery, and other female issues.

“We have a very good team,” said Taylor, who came from Michigan to take on the job at the clinic. Her husband, Kevin, is a bio-chemist and computer science expert who is interested in attending Chemeketa Community College’s viticulture program when he arrives.

Taylor’s philosophy for patient care is to diagnose a problem and provide the patient with treatment options.

“Being a good doctor means being a good teacher,” she said. “Since there’s no magic fix for everything, my job is to help my patients understand their treatment options and risks so that together we can work toward a desired outcome.”
Dr. Susan Taylor
Taylor has been in women’s health since her graduation from the University of Iowa School of Medicine in 1983. She has experience with health maintenance organizations, hospitals and private practice, and is professionally accredited by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

“We should be able to do all basic diagnoses and follow-up here,” Taylor said of her most recent post at Santiam Memorial Hospital’s main campus. “We provide an alternative to having women’s exams done in a primary care office. Women want that option more and more now.”

Erickson holds a master of science in midwifery and women’s health from the University of Illinois, and has been practicing as a certified nurse midwife in the Chicago area for more than five years. She has served diverse clientele in hospital with alternative birthing suites and water birth. To date, she has handled some 500 births.

“We have 10 pregnant women who will give birth this spring,” said Erickson, who began her career as a registered nurse in labor and delivery. “I expect that number to grow.”

Erickson does pre-natal and post-partum care, non-surgical gynecological treatments, birth control and family planning.

“As a midwife, my goal is to respect and maintain the normal process of birth, without the intervention of medicine, unless the patient chooses to have it,” she said. “Being part of the hospital allows for this kind of flexibility.”

Erickson said Santiam Memorial will be one of the few places in the Willamette Valley to offer water births.

“Santiam Women’s Clinic offers the best of both worlds – personalized care for women located within a hospital setting. Dr. Taylor and I look forward to bringing this successful treatment model to Santiam Memorial Hospital.”

Both women love the friendly atmosphere imparted by the clinic staff, who, they agree, are committed to providing clients with the best care possible. They are also excited to be living in the Santiam Canyon with its outdoor activities.

“My family is very outdoorsy, and we love anything to do with water,” said Taylor, mom to Kate, 24, an animal science technician who hopes to attend veterinary college, and Andrew, 22, majoring in hospitality business with a second major in botany/horticulture.

When not enjoying the outdoors, Taylor loves to putter in her garden, sew and cook. “My husband makes wine from berries,” she said. “And I make jam.”

Erickson loves to hike, and said she won’t miss the harsh Chicago winters. Her husband, Brendan Post, is finishing his master’s degree before joining her in Stayton next year.

For information on the clinic call 503-769-9522.

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