Celebrate beauty: Mill City event benefits local scholarship fund

May, 2009 Posted in Other

By Mary Owen

People will be styling and finding their groove at the upcoming Beauty, Fashion and Wellness Show in Mill City.

“We are very excited to debut the show this year, and want to continue it next year as a new tradition for the community,” said Jahn Hoover with The Hair Konnection, sponsor of the benefit event for the Santiam Scholarship Fund. 

Hoover, a stylist-plus at the popular salon, hails the event as “a good place for information on how to maintain the human body – and a great place to meet people of like minds.”

The Beauty, Fashion and Wellness show will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 2 at the Mill City Middle School multi-purpose room, 450 S.W. Evergreen St. Tickets, which are tax-deductible, are $10 and may be purchased before the vent at The Hair Konnection or Rosie’s Mountain Coffee House, or at the door. 

On the agenda are: makeovers, skin care, acupuncture, sports injury prevention, Edgu, organic gardening, mental and physical wellness, clothing and fashion, preparing for the unexpected, musical entertainment, skateboard demos and a healthy lunch provided by International Club.

“It’s all about allowing people to find their look and style to live their best life,” Hoover said. “Through the use of wellness practices such as Edgu and stretching for sports injury prevention, we can live more actively and move our bodies more freely.” 

Beauty wellness involves using products that contain no plastics or petro-chemicals as well as maintaining the health of hair and skin and body “so that you feel good and look good,” Hoover said. 

Featured at the show will be acupuncturist Regenia Benton of Blue Turtle Acupuncture Clinic. She will be doing acupressure points in the ear at her table. Benton graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and became a licensed acupuncturist in 2002. 

10 a.m. – Nancy Hendricks of Fresh to You Produce & Garden Center will explain why growing organic fruits and vegetables can be a rewarding both physically and spiritually. 

“Eating food that has been harvested when it is ripe and ready has so much more flavor and nutrients than the produce at the grocery store, which has been harvested days ago,” she said. 

2 p.m. – Brietenbush’s EDGU instructor Keesha will lead a  lessons in EDGU, a spinal maintenance program.   

3 p.m. – Cherie Girod of the Canyon Crisis Center is a certified Narrative Therapist. She’ll explain how the telling or retelling stories about people and the problems in their lives can shape new realities. “It helps you to find the power within you to restructure your life’s journey.”

Hoover said he was motivated to raise at least $1,000 for the Santiam Scholarship Fund by his son, who exited college with a hefty student loan debt.

“And my daughter is struggling with the expense right now,” he said. “I think that everyone who wants to attend college should be able to go for free. We don’t know where the next great ideas are coming from, but they are not limited to income but come from everywhere.”

A group of parents, staff and community members started the scholarship fund to provide Mill City High’s graduating seniors with the “hope and means” to continue their education, Hoover said. 

“The ultimate goal is to raise enough money so that every graduating senior is able to get a portion of the money needed for college,” he said. According to Hoover, 23 Mill City High School graduating seniors applied for scholarship money this year. Half of the money raised will be awarded to these applicants; the other half goes into an interest-bearing account for future scholarship recipients.

For more information or to reserve tickets for the Beauty, Fashion and Wellness Show, call 503-897-2460.

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