Interconnected: SIT acknowledges backers, participants at year-end event

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Funding Partners

Melissa Baurer, left, with representatives of Santiam Service Integration funding partners.

By Mary Owen

Santiam Service Integration finished the school year with more than a few “warm fuzzies” and a lot of “kudos.”

“When we work together, step out of our silos, we accomplish great things,” said Maggie Hudson, chief financial and operations officer with Santiam Hospital. Hudson told about 80 attendees at the year-end event “We are so thankful for your support and appreciate each and every one of you!”

Wearing Kukui beads symbolizing hope and renewal, Terry Fletchall, CEO of Santiam Hospital, thanked social workers, educators and firefighters and others for their work and involvement in the program. The hospital is a major contributor to the service integration program that grew out of the original Canyon Collaborative, the brainchild of Councilor Priscilla Glidewell.

“A Family Building Block’s family was gifted with furniture, kitchen and bathroom items, and now have a warm welcoming environment to live in while they continue to get support services from FBB,” said Melissa Baurer, Santiam Service Integration coordinator. “A homeless teen now has a post office box allowing her to have the ability to apply for benefits and housing programs.

“A single parent household in Stayton now has running water and as their child states, ‘I wonder how many gallons of milk we would not have been able to buy if it wasn’t for their help, mom?’

“An elderly woman from Aumsville was assisted with a well repair and now has running water.”

Northwest Senior Service and
Disability and Northwest Human Services also stepped up to help the woman receive health insurance and food benefits. Testimonies continue to abound for the three teams currently operating: North Santiam, Santiam Canyon, and most recently, Cascade.

North Santiam School District superintendent, “Andy Gardner was the first to agree to the Santiam Service Integration model and quickly agreed to match the Santiam Hospital team’s dollars,” Hudson shared.

“Susy Saray, the homeless liaison for the school district, attends every meeting and keeps us aware of the students and family’s needs. Susy is inspiring to work alongside and Tass Morrison, who attends the meeting as well and provides her valuable insight.”

Hudson also thanked Supt. Todd Miller and Alex Nalivaiko with the Santiam Canyon School District and Supt. Darin Drill and Anne Yunker with the Cascade District for their participation in the SI program. Both school districts matched SH’s funding and participate in the outreach.

Hudson thanked other contributors, including Performance Health Technology, Early Learning Hub, and Willamette Valley Community Health.

“Without their contribution and dedication to serve the Santiam Region, we would not have been able to assist financially as many families as we did, specifically the larger requests that needed over $1,000,” Baurer said, referring to the top three leveraging agencies: Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency, The Salvation Army Kroc Community Center, Salem, and United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley.

“With the committed funders and leveraging agencies, the Santiam program spent approximately $4,300 and leverage $14,200!” Baurer said.

Baurer thanked Bren DeMoe of Polk County for the county’s support in launching Santiam Service Integration.

“They have been running a successful program for 27 years,” she noted.

Gates Fire Chief Gary Swanson earned kudos for “always making the Santiam Canyon Team feel welcomed each month.” Hudson also thanked Carrie Murphy, branch manager with the Oregon Department of Human Services for hosting and supporting the North Santiam SIT team.

“And to our new hosting partners, Pastor Seth Morley with Turner Christian who hosts the Cascade team,” she added.

The North Santiam School District presented Santiam Service Integration with a Community Partnership Award for “outstanding, collaborative efforts to help improve the lives of students and families of the North Santiam, Cascade and Santiam Canyon” school districts.

Service Integration connects individuals and families to resources and services. The purpose of the SI program is to facilitate collaboration among community partners who can then provide coordinated resources, services and information to those with basic and urgent needs.

SI also assists financially with community development; health, including prescriptions and medical co-pays; education classes, tuition, fees, and literacy programs; extra-curricular fees, materials, clothing or shoes to participate in activities; and youth development, leadership/learning opportunities not part of regular school programs.

For more information, visit the Santiam Service Integration Facebook page.

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