Adaptation: Siegmund adds new CFO, equipment

May, 2018 Posted in Business, Community, News, Other, People
Ryan Parker photo for Our Town Monthly

Siegmund Excavation & Construction’s new chief financial officer, Ryan Parker. Submitted Photo

By Mary Owen

A Stayton business trio is making a number of strategic moves to better serve customers, improve efficiencies, and address changing market conditions.

“We entered 2018 with great motivation and momentum to grow
our businesses,” said Andrew Siegmund, president/owner of Siegmund Excavation & Construction, Allied Rock, and Siegmund Landscape & Supply. “Hiring Ryan Parker as chief financial officer is a critical step in this business growth. His job will be to help us streamline operations and plan for the future.”

In an effort to meet the needs of current and potential customers, Siegmund added five people to the office staff, including three at management levels, and increased shop staff.

Siegmund Excavation & Construction offers services to Oregon’s timber industry, including new road construction, road maintenance, bridge construction and installation, portable crushing, quarry development, land clearing, roadside brushing, full-service logging, contract cutting, dump trucking and heavy hauling.

The Stayton-based company continues to invest in equipment, making efforts to be the first to acquire new technology and adopt new or improved designs of current machines or products.

A high priority is to continuously modernize its fleet with the latest technology to stay ahead of competitors. Siegmund recently invested in two new custom-designed, aluminum Kenworth trucks, increasing each truck’s payload by 5 tons and decreasing unit haul costs.

“Trucks have load weight limits,” Siegmund said. “These trucks are made extra-light so they can carry more material safely while operating within legal weight limits. Basically, we can now haul more aggregate per trip.”

Each three-axle pup and five-axle truck combo’s net payload is 36.5 tons as compared with the 31.5-ton payload the company used to haul, according to company information.

“To my understanding, no other company in the state of Oregon has dump trucks that carry this much payload,” said Gibson Kuenzi, project manager at Siegmund Excavation.

In another move, the company-owned Allied Rock recently acquired X-Rock Quarry off Old Mehama Road SE in Stayton.

“Allied Rock is the leading regional supplier of high-quality, crushed quarry rock, and also crushes rock on location with its portable crushing services,” Siegmund said. “We provide portable crushing services across Oregon, in as many as 25 to 30 different quarries
per year.”

The third arm of the business, Siegmund Landscape & Supply, sells quarry rock, decorative rock, sand, topsoil, compost, bark dust and U-Cart concrete.

Parker, a certified public accountant with a strong background in the construction industry, will oversee all three Siegmund holdings.

“Ryan’s construction background is extremely relevant,” Siegmund said of his new CFO. “He spent the last dozen years working in medium to large construction companies, and he has experience in the types of accounting software and processes that we intend to use to grow our businesses.”

Parker said he and his wife are looking forward to getting to better know the Stayton community.

“It’s clear the Siegmunds have a deep appreciation for and commitment to their community,” he said. “I like how that drives the way they do business.”

In addition to a CPA license, Parker holds a master’s degree in accounting. He and his wife, Kathryn, live in Stayton with their two children. When spending time with family or serving his church and community, Parker loves listening to the stock market radio station and doing investment research.

For information, call 503-769-6280.

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