City goals: Stayton sets three

October, 2017 Posted in Community

By Mary Owen

The Stayton City Council has adopted three goals for 2017-2018.

“We’ve done our best,” City Administrator Keith Campbell told city council members at their May 15 meeting. “These goals may be too broad or too narrow, or we may have missed an opportunity. I’d encourage any sort of discussion or recommend any changes you would like to see.”

With that recommendation, council members voted to clarify working on an economic development point to accommodate all groups working toward the revitalization of Old Town Stayton.

Members then voted, approving the goals unanimously.

The council worked with John Morgan of the Chinook Institute of Civic Leadership to formulate and adopt the goals. Their first meeting was held in February to formulate priorities based on “musts, needs and wants” while filtered through a lens of “desirability, feasibility and viability,” Campbell said.

During follow-up sessions, the goals were whittled down to three: addressing street maintenance, economic development and neighborhood preservation.

The first, street maintenance, looks at updating the city’s Transportation Master Plan, exploring and discussing additional funding, and reviewing street standards.

The second includes updating and expanding the Economic Development Plan, reviewing codes related to economic development, and supporting groups that work toward downtown revitalization.

The neighborhood preservation goal includes updating and expanding a housing strategy for new and legacy housing. The goal would also address rental homes, code enforcement, and completing a comprehensive housing inventory.

“The 2017-2018 budget has resources allocated to begin completion of the goals,” Campbell said. “Those items not specifically needing additional monies will be prioritized by staff to begin allocating resources to complete.”

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