Top tips: Entrepreneur’s advice

August, 2017 Posted in Community

Hendricks at work in his new shop (2)By Mary Owen

A local millennial entrepreneur offers a few good tips for running a business.

“Be patient,” advised Ryan Hendricks, owner of Finishing Touch Auto Detailing in Stayton. “Learning patience comes with time. Create a long-term vision and set short-term goals that will help you achieve that vision.”

Taking his own advice, Hendricks has grown his auto detailing business successfully, necessitating a move in April to a larger facility, two blocks southeast of his first shop. Moving into the 5,000-square-foot building at 101 N. Second St. allowed Hendricks and his crew to “speed up work and increase quality satisfaction.”

With limited space, Hendricks said only so many vehicles could be worked on in a day, customers often had nowhere to park, and during the summer, cars sometimes had to be worked on outside.

“With the new building being five times larger, these issues are a thing of the past,” said Hendricks, who was named the Stayton Sublimity Chamber of Commerce Young Professional of the Year for 2016, an honor he tries to live up to with his investments in the community – and in his business.

“Listen to your customers,” he said of a tip that is essential to providing good customer service and ensuring customer loyalty.

“Find out what they want,” he advised. “When you get compliments, do more of that. When you get criticism, find out why. I’ve added and removed many services in two years, increasing customer satisfaction every step of the way.”

Thirdly, he said, “You will fail.”

“At some point you will have an unsatisfied customer,” Hendricks said. “How you respond to the situation will make or break your business. When this happens find out why. Successful people don’t blame others for their mistakes. They hold themselves accountable for everything that happens to them.”

Another of Hendrick’s tips reminds business owners to be innovative.

“While learning from experienced businesses and individuals is great, you must remember that many things which worked 10 to 20 years ago don’t work anymore,” he said. “Constantly be challenging yourself to improve and implement new technology into your business. I’ve found that through social media, I’m able to interact with customers and potential customers, building relationships very easily.”

Lastly, Hendricks said, “Dream big!”

His favorite quote by Napoleon Hill is, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

“If you focus on a goal day in and day out, it will eventually come to fruition,” Hendricks said. “I believe I can make an impact on this world in a big way, and it starts here with making a big impact on my employees and my customers.”

As his business continues to grow, Hendricks is already planning on further expansion.

“Within five years, we plan to expand to a few new locations in other cities,” he said. “With the valuable feedback from our customers, and with the growth and scaling of the company, I’ve implemented more quality control systems. Vehicles are checked several times before customers get them back.”

FTA’s newer services include paint protection film, spray-in bed liners, and a selection of after-market accessories.

For information, visit or the business’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

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