Right at home: KYAC and Hearts to Arts invite community to open house

November, 2016 Posted in Business, Community
Ken Cartwright

Ken Cartwright

By Mary Owen

KYAC has officially settled into its new home!

Ken Cartwright is the general manager and program at KYAC and a man who wears many hats in the Mill City community.

“Even though we began the physical move July 1 of this year, I just finished the final remodel and moving project,” Cartwright said.

“Lots of little things to do to get the other spaces done, including our library room and a class room,” he added.

Cartwright said the process of acquiring the site shared by KYAC and Hearts to Arts began earlier this year, with negotiations with the Mill City City Council and property owners.

“Applications for remodel work, as well as a variance from the city to move our tower/antenna to the same site in order to minimize our maintenance and now have a remote antenna site,” he said of the process to re-home the Canyon Arts Center.

“Beyond that, we spent a lot of time remodeling to combine two office spaces into one for the studio.”

Cartwright said time also was spent remodeling the large entry area and to take out an office to make a large, multi-purpose room for the Santiam Chorus and art and music classes.

Cartwright said there were many people who lent a hand to complete the project.

He thanks the nine members of the Santiam Hearts to Arts board, the friends of KYAC and Hearts to Arts along with Pacific Power for getting and setting the new tower pole for KYAC.

“Making this project happen were many people including Mike Medley for engineering and computer tech work, Jeff Keto for his great carpentry help, Photo Electric’s Rod Loder for his help in getting our electrical corrected, and many others,” Cartwright said.

“Our future plans are to develop art, music and craft classes for all ages in our communities. We are planning an open house and an arts teacher discussion session on Oct. 20.”

The Canyon Arts Center, 280 NE Santiam Blvd., Mill City, in the former Green Mountain Real estate building, will be the gathering place for the event, slated to start at 5:30 with an open house, followed by a meeting at 7 p.m. for artists, musicians and craftsmen to discuss lessons at the center.

Meanwhile, Cartwright said he will continue to fine-tune KYAC’s programs to keep them fresh, and will still recruit new deejays and programmers.

“The new building is only 20-years-old so it was in excellent condition,” he said of the Santiam Canyon radio station’s new home. “Our touches have made the space more usable for us and still kept the style of the original building.

“We are so proud to welcome the community into our beautiful functional space,” he added. “It not is beautiful, but very professional looking. It will allow us many opportunities that we have not had in the past.”

People who have visited the new location have given Cartwright a lot of positive feedback about the location and what KYAC will be doing with the space, he said.

“It was more than luck that we wound up here,” he said. “It was our destiny. Luck is where opportunity and preparedness meet. We do not take it for granted.”

KYAC 94.9 FM is a nonprofit, non-commercial FM station that serves Santiam Canyon residents, including Mill City, Gates, Lyons, Mehama, Little North Fork, Elkhorn, Stayton, Sublimity and surrounding and outlying areas and Highway 22 from mile post 11 to 47.

The station’s nonprofit “parent” is Santiam Hearts to Arts, a group committed to the education of all arts, including broadcasting. The radio station operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week with live deejays as well as prerecorded shows and a “great automation system,” Cartwright said.

“We provide local news, weather and emergency information regularly,” he shares on the station’s newly formatted website at www.kyacfm.org. “When the power goes out, we air with emergency power to keep out communities informed and entertained.”

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