Joining forces: St. Mary’s, Regis work to create a continous education

September, 2016 Posted in School
Regis Vice Principal Candi Hedrick, Regis and St. Mary Principal Rick Schindler, St. Mary Vice Principal Jacki Bailey

Regis Vice Principal Candi Hedrick, Regis and St. Mary Principal Rick Schindler, St. Mary Vice Principal Jacki Bailey

By Mary Owen

Starting this month, St. Mary and Regis High schools have joined forces to provide what Principal Rick Schindler calls “a distinctively Catholic educational environment.”

“Regis and St. Mary wanted to develop a comprehensive strategic plan addressing preschool through 12th grade education,” said Schindler, who oversees both campuses starting this month. “The plan, while addressing all areas of school life, will focus on enrollment management, educational quality, leadership and financial stability for both schools.”

Schindler said goals include: increasing collaboration between the schools for a seamless pre-K-12 education; maintaining a well-rounded and rigorous educational experience; attracting, retaining and competitively compensating the best faculty and staff; developing a facilities master plan; and planning to ensure continued access for students from diverse economic backgrounds.

“Current technology will continue to support and drive instruction at both schools,” Schindler said. “Regis has gone 1:1, with Google Chromebooks for every student, and has obtained grant funds for a new STEM curriculum. The vertical curricular alignment between the two schools will be seamless, ensuring high academic quality and rigor. The schools are dedicated as ever to collaboration and developing faith-filled graduates.”

Regis counselor Mike Bauer called the move “very exciting!”

“We will involve all the stakeholders at Regis and in our community in how Regis High School and St. Mary will approach the future,” he said. “We already offer an excellent product that prepares our students well for the future with a good mix of veteran teachers and some dynamic new teachers.

“Regis features a high quality drama program and offers such enhancements as Aspire,” Bauer added. “The vision for St. Mary and Regis includes welcoming new students from Stayton and all over the Willamette Valley.”

Schindler said the strategic planning process is “underway and developing nicely.”

“Regis High School and St. Mary Catholic School hold high standards for teaching and learning,” he said. “This visionary process will allow both schools to continue our tradition of excellence, through clearly articulated, rigorous curricula aligned with reverent standards, 21st-century skills and gospel values, implemented through effective instruction.”

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