Host of experience: Ron Harding named city administrator in Aumsville

September, 2016 Posted in News, People
Myrna and Ron Harding have been married for 31 years. Ron is the new city administrator for Aumsville.

Myrna and Ron Harding have been married for 31 years. Ron is the new city administrator for Aumsville.

By Mary Owen

Aumsville is the “perfect community” for Ron Harding, the city’s new administrator.

“It’s very similar to my hometown in size but also in the local philosophy of a community that supports each other,” Harding said, adding he has already found Aumsville to be “a lovely community filled with great people.”

Harding believes the city’s role is to provide much-needed services and assistance when resources are available as well as working to improve the community. He looks forward to working with the city staff and council.

Harding brings a host of experience to the table, including as a business manager, city mayor, administrator and county chief deputy auditor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and recently earned a PHR certification in human resources. He has experience in transportation, business development, economic development, emergency management and project management.

Under his leadership, he said the city Yelm, Wash., saw unprecedented citywide achievements, including building Longmire Sports Park, a museum, new community center and a new skate park. He also established more than $50 million worth of road projects to relieve traffic congestions; adding 22 miles of new sidewalks; purchasing a new library building; completing a new public safety building that houses the police department and municipal court; and improving the city’s water system with a new well and reservoir.

Along with his public service responsibilities, Harding volunteered many hours to local nonprofit organizations. He was a Yelm Chamber of Commerce board member and served in leadership roles, and served on the Thurston County Economic Development Council and the Business Resource Board.

“In any city leadership role, the ultimate goal is to improve and maintain successful policies that already exist, as well as initiate new, positive changes that will make the community a better place for both residents and business owners,” Harding said. “My intent is to use my experiences and skills to the best of my abilities to achieve the goals of the city council and provide the best possible services, helping to aid in the livability and quality of life in Aumsville.”

Some of the issues Harding will be tackling include providing services in an efficient and cost-effective manner, implementing the city’s vision, economic development, and implementing new infrastructure projects.

Harding also looks forward to becoming an integral part of the community and building “many positive professional and personal relationships here.”

“Aumsville is a community not unlike my hometown – rural, very likeable and livable in comparison to larger urban communities,” he said. “The people living here are involved and work together to support families and each other. I am very passionate about community service, and it is important to me to work in a community that shares that same passion.”

Harding and his wife, Myrna, have been married for 31 years. They have two grown children and one grandson, Lincoln. Harding enjoys the outdoors, history, art, photography and carpentry.

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