Adding staff: City of Sublimity

June, 2016 Posted in News

By Mary Owen

Sublimity is taking steps to add a city administrator to its employee roster.

“The city of Sublimity City Council has determined that a city administrator would be a good fit for our community because it provides for continuity of leadership between election cycles,” Councilor Jim Kingsbury said.

“It also provides more opportunity for the council to work on policy leadership for our city and less time dealing with day-to-day operations of the city.”

Kingsbury said council members believe a city administrator will also provide strong leadership for the city to continue to provide “exceptional services to our citizens.”

Sublimity City Council members used the League of Oregon Cities – City Handbook 2013 to help research what steps to take to hire a city administrator, Kingsbury added.

“The handbook recommends that cities over a 2,500 population use the city administrator form of city management,” he said.

The decision was made to contract with the Council of Governments to conduct a search and do the interview process for the city administrator, Kingsbury said.

“The city of Sublimity is hoping to have the city administrator position filled by July 1,” Kingsbury said.

“The city administrator position will take the place of the finance director.”

For more information, call city hall at 503-769-5475.

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