Boston bound: Emma Miebach will join Boston Ballet summer program

March, 2016 Posted in Arts, Culture & History, People
Emma Miebach backstage with a friend after a performance of "The Nutcrarcker."

Emma Miebach backstage with a friend after a performance of “The Nutcrarcker.”

By Mary Owen

A local teen will join students from around the world at the Boston Ballet School’s 2016 Summer Dance Program.

“I was very excited to be accepted into Boston’s older division,” said Emma Miebach, 15, a freshman at Cascade High School.

“Last year, when I was at their program in Newton, we got to watch the older girls perform. It was so cool! I remember thinking to myself how neat it would be if I could do that next year.”

Miebach, who started ballet lessons at age 4, attends classes six days a week at American Ballet Academy in Salem.

“I really enjoy performing on stage,” she said. “It makes all those long hours of rehearsal worth it. Although it’s only a couple of minutes of performing, they are some of the best minutes of my life!

“I have done other things before like playing soccer and the violin, but ballet is my passion,” she added. “This summer, I want to work on my technique, artistry and pas de deux, when typically a boy and a girl dance together. Technique is always something a dancer needs to work on. No matter how good you may be, you can always strive to be better.”

Although Miebach’s goal is to become a professional dancer, she has not yet decided where.

One challenge is finding the funds for training necessary to become a pro, she said.

“One summer intensive can cost up to $6,000 for a fully boarded program, where the limited amount of scholarships mainly are handed out to boys,” Miebach said. “This does not include fees for auditions, traveling to the auditions, pointe shoes and many other things.”

To help pay for some of the costs, Miebach worked summers at her dad’s research farm, threshing and transplanting baby grasses.

“I may not have made a whole bunch, but every little bit helped,” she said. “I’m currently looking for a weekend or summer job before I leave for Boston to help pay my costs.”

When not studying or working, she sings in her school’s a capella group, the Cascadians.

The group is currently rehearsing for a competition this March. In her free time, she hangs out with her friend and fellow ballet dancer, Chloë Blake.

“We dance on her Marley floor,” she said of the special performance surface that can be laid on top of a wood floor. “She also attended Boston’s Newton program with me.”

Miebach credits her ballet talent in part to her studio, where she has studied for three years.

“The owner, Annie Joslin, along with Dana Bliss, who is a part of her teaching staff, are the nicest, most caring people,” she said. “No matter how many times I forget to use épaulement or keep my barre shoulder down, they never give up on me. I am just so thankful to have such wonderful teachers and loving parents to support me!”

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