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January, 2016 Posted in Arts, Culture & History, Community
Rehearsals for ACT’s recent holiday show.

Rehearsals for ACT’s recent holiday show.

By Mary Owen

Aumsville Community Theatre’s four-year search for a new venue has come to roost at the little red school house in Stayton.

“Since 2011 when we began, we have been moving from venue-to-venue, putting on our shows for the community,” said Shannon Rempel, founder of the theater company.

“We have looked tirelessly for a venue we could call home.”

While ACT mostly survives show-to-show, Rempel said the theater’s board of directors decided to take a leap of faith and rent the building when it became available.

“Once we open our first show, we are going to really depend on this community to help us stay,” Rempel said.

The little red school house, 151 Locust St. right behind Ixtapa Mexican restaurant, is a “very cute building” that used to house Sunset Realty, Rempel said.

The Little Red Schoolhouse

The Little Red Schoolhouse

“We have been running surveys during our performances in the past,” she said of the motivation behind the move. “One of the most recurring messages our audiences have given us is that they like our intimate theatre atmosphere. This particular venue will be just that.”

The school house can hold 52 seats, which means limited seating, she added.

“We will be selling by seat number locations,” Rempel said. “But the nice thing about this location is it affords us to set our own schedule and to rent the space during down times. This will help us recoup funds that we will be spending on leasing.”

Rempel said the community seems excited by ACT’s move.

Prior to locating to the school house, the theater company performed at the Chester Bridges Memorial Community Center in Aumsville, the Macleay Grange just east of Salem, back to the Aumsville community center, and for one show, The Grove in Stayton.

“I know we are all super excited to open to the audience,” Rempel added. “Many people have stopped by to check out what’s happening in this school house.”

ACT recently performed The House at Pooh Corner, directed by Kathy Crawford, at the Aumsville center.

February’s show, directed by Kevin Crawford, will be Butterflies are Free. In May, the group then will produce Things My Mother Taught Me, directed by Rempel.

Aumsville Community Theatre
Visit: The Little Red Schoolhouse
151 Locust St, Stayton
Write: PO Box 1333,
Aumsville, OR 97325 or
email aumsvillecommunitytheatre@hotmail.com
Call: 503-385-6653
To learn about upcoming auditions and plays, go to www.AumsvilleCommunityTheatre.com

The upcoming Butterflies are Free performance runs 7 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sundays on Feb. 12-14, 19-21 and 26-28. It features Kyle  Doty, Anna Lulay, Katie Fleming and Josh Baumgartner.

ACT’s current season runs through June 30. Membership begins at $25, with added benefits at each level.

Members can serve on the board of directors or on any of the theater’s current committees. Auditions are held for productions, and volunteers are always needed for behind-the-scene action, making props and costumes, ushering, fundraising and other activities. Donations of services, materials and monies are always welcomed.

“We want to continue to bring great theater to this community,” Rempel said. “As always, it is our goal to build or move into a permanent theater building. I think this venue will be great for building up to that goal.”

For information an Aumsville Community Theatre, visit aumsvillecommunitytheatre.com or follow ACT’s activities on Facebook.

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