Partners: Regis and St. Mary

January, 2016 Posted in School
Principal Rick Schmidt of St. Mary School and Principal Scott Coulter of Regis High School are working together to align curriculum and grow faith formation.

Principal Rick Schmidt of St. Mary School and Principal Scott Coulter of Regis High School are working together to align curriculum and grow faith formation.

By Mary Owen

Stayton’s two Catholic schools are increasing ways to work together, both academically and spiritually.

Scott Coulter, principal at Regis High School, and Rick Schindler, principal at St. Mary Catholic School, are working to align curriculum and grow faith formation at their schools.

“Mr. Coulter has done a tremendous job of ‘reaching across the aisle,’ and I’ve enjoyed how he makes working together a priority,” Schindler said. “His and my conversations always start with what we can better do as a PK-12 system.”

Coulter said his staff has worked diligently with St. Mary’s to grow faith formation, a practice that will continue.

“In addition, we share one member of our teaching faculty in mathematics and another member in theater arts,” he said. “Opportunities for professional development in the application of technology to facilitate learning have been shared. Sharing staff for first aid training has been a constant for many years.”

Teachers from each school meet to discuss math and science curriculum, and Regis hopes to partner with St. Mary to form a Science Olympiad Team later this winter and spring, Coulter added.

“We are both working on a Google platform for delivering technology in education to our students,” Schindler said.

This provision will make the transition from middle to high school “more smooth and seamless,” he added.

“Students are already very familiar with the Google environment when they graduate from St. Mary, so it’s one big leg up for when they enter high school.”

Coulter added, “When teachers develop common vocabulary and share content themes, students can hit the ground running. It can reduce time spent having to reteach concepts.”

The two schools also share resources, whether it’s simple things like tables and chairs for St. Mary’s auctions or need for shared personnel, Schindler said.

“We share a business manager, development director, math teacher, drama teacher, counselor and technology support,” he said.

“Earlier this year, St. Mary was very generous in allowing us to use their more comfortable bus to travel to a professional development workshop in the Seattle area,” Coulter said. “They also allow our volleyball team access to their gym when ours is off limits in preparation for the Green and Gold Auction.”

Both campuses work hard to provide “a consistent and loving, faith-filled environment,” Schindler said.

“Our combined faith formation efforts for both students and staff are probably the most noticeable in addition to the large crossover in staffing,” he said.

Regis also strives to give young student athletes some exposure to high school athletic events, Coulter said.

“I think this has been well received,” he said.

Coulter said the collaboration fosters continuity and familiarity that helps St. Mary students who transition to Regis.

“It just makes sense for us to be on the same page, working toward the same goals, working together to help these students achieve and succeed,” Schindler said.

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