Commitment: Sticking to exercise, nutrition program yields results

January, 2016 Posted in Business
Kirsten Meeker last year, left, and after 11 months of fitness training, right.

Kirsten Meeker last year, left, and after 11 months of fitness training, right.

By Mary Owen

Kirsten Meeker felt like the person in her head and the person walking in her body were two different people – until she lost more than 90 pounds last year.

“I had completely lost myself and was so ashamed of where I was,” said Meeker, a wife and mother of four young children. “I desperately wanted to make changes to be more of the person I believe I am supposed to be. I was so tired of not feeling well and being exhausted all the time.”

Meeker said she had let herself go long enough when an opportunity to work with Daniel Hawkins and his wife, Tirzah, at Where to Start Fitness came along. The Stayton fitness center sponsored her for 11 months of free training, gym membership, and help with diet and health.

“This opportunity came at the perfect time in my life, and when I saw it, I just knew this was ‘it’ for me,” Meeker said.

When the Hawkins selected her as the 2015 candidate, Meeker said she was ecstatic and in a bit of disbelief.

“My best friend was over visiting when I received the message from Daniel,” she said. “I nervously returned his call, and he asked how I would like to work out with him. I got a little shaky and was beyond happy!”

Hawkins has nothing but good to say about his winning client.

“She trained with me two times a week and came down to the gym four other times a week, hardly taking a single week off,” he said. “She made time to come down even if it was at 10 p.m. after the family was taken care of.”

Meeker also credited his wife for showing her ways to get healthier, including sharing tips and ideas for better nutrition.

“They asked tough questions that made me take a look at my decisions and own them, but they were never negative,” she said of the couple. “When I had rough times, they never showed frustration. They also didn’t coddle me and let me make excuses.”

Her results?

“In her 11 months, she lost 93.6 pounds, 67 of which were pure 100 percent body fat, and 56.5 total inches on her body,” said Hawkins. “She went from not running more than a couple of minutes at a time to participating in our K-9 9K run within a few months. Then shortly after that, a half marathon. She never made excuses, worked hard, stayed committed, and was rewarded with amazing results!”

Meeker said her biggest challenge was and still is a desire to over-eat and eat as a response to stress. Highlights included her first group class, first full-mile running on the treadmill, training and competing in local runs, and seeing the scale go down.

“My body feels much healthier and stronger,” she said. “I will never go back to where I was 11 short months ago. I am finally feeling on the outside who I have always felt like on the inside.”

On her last day of training, Meeker signed up for a membership and continues to go to the gym six days a week.

“It has absolutely become part of my routine,” she said.

Meeker loves to encourage others and support people in their own weight loss journey, and hopes to encourage others to start their own road to a stronger, healthier life.

“We at Where to Start Fitness are incredibly proud of her and are very happy for her success,” Hawkins said.

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