Resigned Lyons mayor, recorder quit

June, 2015 Posted in News

By Mary Owen

In the wake of recent resignations, city officials say the first item of business is to fill city council vacancies.

“With qualified citizens, there is no reason for the city not to move forward,” said Troy Donohue, who was appointed mayor pro-tem at an emergency city council meeting on May 19 after Mayor Dan Burroughs resigned.

Heated allegations at recent city council meetings led Burroughs to turn in his letter of resignation on May 14, citing, “I think it’s obvious to everyone that city council is no longer functioning as it should. … As long as this current council is sitting, nothing will be accomplished unless the community gets involved to change what is happening.”

City Recorder Kristen Rea also resigned, stating a hostile work environment created by Councilors Mark Orr and Donahue as her reason for leaving and calling their behavior “inappropriate and unacceptable.” She commended Mayor Burroughs for his hard work leading the city. Rea came on board after former City Recorder Mary Mitchell and other city officials resigned last year citing a hostile work environment. Rea said in her resignation letter, “I had high hopes to keep the city running.”

Donahue told Our Town he didn’t have a prepared statement about the allegations behind the resignations.

Councilors Lloyd Valentine will work with Orr and Donahue to fill the vacant city council seats. Once filled, Donahue said the council with work on hiring a city recorder.  He will serve as the interim elections officer, a duty of the city recorder. Until a city recorder is selected council members will hire an independent accounting firm to oversee city budget tasks. “I’m diligently scrambling to make sure bills are paid,” Donahue said.

Donahue has asked the League of Oregon Cities for guidance on how to run the city. Coverage of the Lyons City Council meetings is at

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