Decision 2014: Sublimity – Two run for mayor

November, 2014 Posted in News

Joanie Wigginton and Raymond Heuberger are running to be the mayor of Sublimity. Jim Kingsbury is the only candidate for one of two open council seats.

Sublimity Mayor Gene Ditter, who is not seeking re-election, said key issues facing the city are how to bring in commercial business to the city, additional water rights, and funding for parks, police services, streets, sewer, water, storm water and personnel.

Ditter said candidates with good business sense and problem-solving and planning skills are what Sublimity needs to thrive.

“Candidates need to be able to look at the future needs, to respect citizens and be willing to listen to their concerns, and to work with and respect all council members and staff,” Ditter said. “One big item is the need to come in with an open mind and not with a private agenda. They need to remember they are representing and working for the citizens of Sublimity.”

Mayoral candidates 

Ray Heuberger

Ray Heuberger was born in Sublimity in 1938. He has been a practicing veterinarian in Sublimity since 1971. He served on the Sublimity City Council from 1983 to 1992 and was mayor in 1993-1994 and 2003-2006.

Heuberger said, if elected, he considers his responsibility as mayor to assure the city council has the best information available regarding issues, opportunities and challenges under its jurisdiction.

“Recognized as the best small community in Oregon to raise a family, we intend to maintain that status well into the future,” Heuberger said. “Suggestions for innovative ways to improve the livability of our community will be welcomed.”

Joanie Wigginton

Joanie Wigginton, 42, is married with four children. Her local roots trace to her grandparents, Eugene and Camilla Butler, who lived in Sublimity.

Wigginton’s family moved back to Sublimity almost five years ago. She currently sits on city council and for the last two years has led a nonprofit organization, New Growth Ministry, that supplies support for children in need of respite care in partnership with SAFE families.  She works for Kaiser Permanente as the department administrator for Mid-Valley Specialty Care services. She and her husband own two small businesses, and she does small-business consulting as a hobby.

Wigginton believes the city needs to be run like a successful business, taking a holistic approach to its viability by investing and creating accurate projections of future growth and needs while connecting to the community it serves.

Sublimity needs to be actively focused on stimulating growth for small businesses, providing more opportunities for community engagement, and addressing housing growth, she said.

“Due to the fact that the community wants to maintain its small size, community growth and funding will need to come from small business support, but in order to bring small businesses, we need to have an adequate population for these businesses to thrive,” Wigginton said. “By bringing more community activities to Sublimity, like our new movies in the park or Frisbee golf tournaments, our citizens and the smaller local areas can spend more time in our neighborhood, connecting and potentially bringing loyalty to show our local community first – building a larger target market for potential small business owners to operate.”

City council candidate 

Jim Kingsbury

Jim Kingsbury, 48, has been a resident of Sublimity for 10 years. He is married to Sarah, and has two boys. He is an ambassador for Donate Life Northwest, and is involved with Cub Scouts Pack 50, Sublimity Parent Teacher Club, Regis Athletic Association, St. Boniface Parish Council and Knights of Columbus.

“I will do my best to fully research any issues that come before city council and make the best decision possible with the information we have,” Kingsbury said.

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