Letter to the Editor: Comments hurtful

November 2009 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Mt. Angel still has a lot of healing to do. These last few years have really hurt our community.

I feel the Old Curmudgeon’s articles … and his incorrect information does nothing but make the problem worse. I think these false statements and the many more that are out there are largely to blame for most of Mt. Angel’s problems.

Here is the list of city administrators this town has had since 1988 Richard Van Orman, Roberta Huddleston, Gene Miles, Jim Hunt. The rest are interim administrators like the police chief and were only temporary. We have had four city administrators in over 20 years.

Marla Boen,
Mt. Angel

Editor’s note – The Mt. Angel City Administrators since 1989: Richard Van Orman, Paul Koch (interim), Roberta Huddleston, Mike Conrad (interim), Phil Lieberman (interim), Gene Miles, Brent Earhart (interim), Jim Hunt, Pete Wall (interim).

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