First Citizen: Becky Ludden honored for impressive contribution to community

February 2020 Posted in People
Becky Ludden

Becky Ludden

By Melissa Wagoner

A list of organizations in which Becky Ludden does not volunteer might very well be shorter than the list in which she does. She is a member of the Silverton Garden Club, Zenith Women’s Club, Silverton Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary, the Silver Falls YMCA Advisory Council, the Elks, SABLE Quilt Group, the Silverton Home Garden Tour Committee, the Habitat for Humanity Selection Committee, Silver Falls Parks and Recreation District Committee, Homer Davenport Community Festival Committee and a self-proclaimed City Council groupie. With such an extensive list of community activities, it is no wonder Ludden was nominated to the Silverton Chamber of Commerce for First Citizen for 2019.

“Becky has been one of the community’s strongest advocates for our pool,” Mayor Kyle Palmer wrote in his nomination letter. “She served on the Pool Taskforce in 2012, and currently serves on the City of Silverton Parks and Recreation Task Force. She was an integral component of the Friends of the Silverton Pool PAC that advocated for and successfully passed a five-year operations levy in 2012, helping preserve that asset.”

Although not a swimmer herself, the pool weighed heavily in Ludden and her late husband Al’s decision to move to Silverton from
California 12 years ago.

“My husband was a life-time swimmer…” Ludden said. “He swam 90 lengths of this pool daily… So, when the winter closure was proposed in 2012, it was a natural thing for us to turn to all who use the pool to keep that asset open for Silverton. I have never been part of such an awesome group of people as those who pulled together to make that happen. I am a ‘no water in my face’ person and take a lot of teasing about that, but 11 and a half years later, I’m still happy to be able to exercise there with a dry face. It’s also important to me to keep the pool open for social interaction, friendships, and in honor of Al.”

An avid gardener, Ludden is also heavily involved in the Silverton Garden Club, where she spent two years as president and this past two as treasurer.

“[S]uch a friendly group of people who just want to learn and share,” Ludden said.

She is also the acting secretary of the Silver Falls YMCA Leadership Council.

“As with most of my civic involvements, Kyle Palmer is responsible,” Ludden said. “He invited me to join the leadership council about seven years ago. And somehow, I became secretary by the third or fourth meeting, with the caveat that anyone who disputes the minutes gets the job, and I’m still taking minutes!”

Although Ludden is not an acting member of the Silverton City Council – much to Mayor Palmer’s chagrin – that doesn’t stop her from attending.

“Becky attends every Silverton City Council meeting,” Mayor Palmer verified, “and although she would make an unbelievable city councilor, she prefers to be in the background, helping in any way she can.”

“The city council meetings got my attention during the pool levy efforts,” Ludden explained, adding, “My grandfather always said ‘You can fight City Hall’ – and he did – but I find working in cooperation with local government to be very effective. I am so impressed with the voluntary time given by our elected officials and… in awe of the knowledge and professionalism of the city staff.”

And that appreciation is mutual.

“Regardless of the event, Becky is sure to show up and help decorate, clean up, organize, or do anything that is needed,” Palmer said. “She is an amazing community asset!”

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