Our most admired: Social media stirs the good in us too

November 2019 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

One of the fun parts of social media is people posing good questions to their sphere regarding favorite things, heroes, who they would like to meet, and who they most admire. As for the latter, names like Martin Luther King, Jimmy Carter, The Dali Llama, Jesus Christ, Ronald Reagan, Harriet Tubman, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are often cited.

A good friend suggested that I use that medium to ask a similar question for my column, but more localized. “Who do you most admire in this area.” Great idea, so here we go.

Dozens of people responded, and it was heartwarming. Obviously, I can’t include everyone, and did tend to shy away from those that did not include “why?” Many people did offer justification.

The person who came up on a regular basis and had support from all over the place was Kyle Palmer, Silverton’s venerable mayor. What was interesting is the way people were so pleased with his communication style and, even more importantly, his patience in talking to his constituents, even when their questions and comments are just, well, dumb.

Said one person, “I second the nomination for Kyle. The crap he has to put up with from whiny people who don’t listen should qualify him for the Nobel Peace prize.”  Another stated, “Another important point – I have No idea what his ‘politics’ are. In this hyper partisan environment, that’s hard to do. Kudos.”

A respected woman said simply, “Definitely Kyle. He gives selfishly, honestly, and passionately.” A good friend and a woman I admire greatly said, “By my count, I 16th that. Thanks for taking the heat, Kyle, with a level of grace I never could.”

And perhaps my favorite – “Kyle also gets some huge points for not only just dealing with people online but in how he treats them. I don’t think there is another person in our town who has the patience he does in answering and addressing the dumbest, mind-numbing, confusing, mental gymnastic thoughts, rumors, and just plainly incorrect ‘stuff’ that people
throw out there.”

Sarah White was suggested and liked 27 times. She is, of course, the main driving force in town for helping those in need of shelter and assistance. She asks for a coat for a homeless vet. The community responds in spades. Like the old E.F. Hutton commercial, “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.” She is like a veritable E.F. Hutton/Mother Teresa and resident angel. One person said, “Sarah White, of course – it’s hard to imagine a better human being.”

Amber Grant was suggested several times. The respected pharmacist and much-loved friend to throngs of admirers was cited for her many kind deeds, and one such person said, “Amber Grant is a true important person to the community for her years of service, through her profession and very steadfast friendship and kindness she always shares with countless people, young and old. Another said, “Amber, I have such gratitude for your compassion and support and hugs when I most needed.”

One gentleman, who wishes to be anonymous so I will call him “Arnie Amsden”, said he would most like to have lunch with me. Of course, my head swelled, and my chest puffed all the way out to Mulino.  That is, until he added, “I want to have lunch with Dixon because it is his turn to pick up the tab.” Bubble burst in record time.

So much to be thankful this Thanksgiving season. To live in a place with so many fine people, like Dr. Davies, Chuck White, Pastor Leah, Jim Kinghorn, Sarah Brewer, Donna Eberle, Jane Jones, Judy Duncan, Phil Clites, and the late iconic and incredible Judy Schmidt, who everyone misses. Thank you for all you do, and for keeping it all good in the ‘hood.

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