Fix high school sound system

November 2019 Posted in Columnists & Opinion, Community

Fix high school sound system

A year ago we attended our grandson’s graduation from Silverton High School. He was one of the valedictorian speakers, and of course, we were looking forward to hearing his speech. We knew we’d be seated in the auditorium; it’s common for the overflow attendees not to get to sit where the ceremony actually [takes] place.

Unfortunately, the sound system was so poor in the auditorium that we heard at most every tenth word spoken. We were very disappointed, but we assumed that it was just an unfortunate circumstance; someone didn’t check the equipment.

However, this year we returned for the next grandson’s graduation ceremony, and the sound, if possible, was even worse. We could not understand one word of the valedictorian speeches. It was so painful that many people stood in the hall, peering in from time to time to see if they could catch their graduate walk across the stage. That was iffy since you couldn’t understand their names.

Graduation is a significant milestone in a young person’s life, the culmination for children, parents and teachers of years of effort. Surely, such an important event deserves to be heard and enjoyed by those who know and care about these graduates. Some of us travel hundreds of miles for this ceremony.

Please correct this problem! We’ll be returning for another grandchild’s graduation. We’re counting on Silverton HS to care enough about its reputation for excellence and its patrons to fix this.

Ron & Susan Kelton

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