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September 2019 Posted in Community

Under the header of  “answers to questions nobody asked”, The Taco Bell Hotel recently opened in, where else, Southern California. “The Bell” opened to great fanfare and promised “just like our most sought after food innovation, this hotel brings something entirely new for lucky fans to experience and enjoy”….Oooo-kay…. The Man did find it odd that a picture in the marketing materials shows one of those Do Not Disturb door hangers on what appears to be the bathroom door…..hmmmm. Don’t go makin’ your plane reservations to this “tacoasis.” “The Bell”, much like the “Nacho Fries Bellgrande”, was available for a very limited time (although, thank God, that Taco Bell themed wedding in Las Vegas you’ve dreamt about is still available)…

At this year’s Homer Davenport Community Festival a womanless women’s purse was brought to the information booth. Rotarian and Roth’s manager Georgia Marsh simply took the driver’s license and walked around the festival until she matched a face with the picture on the ID and returned it…. Try that at your “big city” Portland Festival…

Maybe it’s just me, but have you ever noticed how despite the fact that hummus looks a lot like something that came out of a baby’s diaper, you just can’t stop eating it?… Yeah, it’s probably just me….

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital’s magazine and web site will soon feature a story about Elle Fischer’s fund raising activities. Elle has raised over $14,000 (that’s a LOT of mistletoe and squeezed lemons) to aid in the care of children’s health at their amazing facility.  Join The Man in raising a glass of cold lemonade to you, Elle!

Speaking of sweet young ladies, local seventh grader, Auvie Andres-Guentner was born with a very rare genetic disorder called Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. PTHS affects less than 500 individuals worldwide. Jen Jacobson, owner of Beloved Cheesecakes, has named one of her signature creations “The Auvie Plain,” stating “Just like Auvie, this cheesecake may look ordinary on the outside but is spectacular on the inside!” Join The Man on Pitt Hopkins awareness day, Wednesday Sept 18, and have a slice (or two) in Auvie’s honor.

What’s that I hear? Why that’s the sound of another installment of The Man’s Business Musical Chairs….Marquis Silver Gardens closed the long time Silverton care home and moved the residents to Sublimity. Dr. Tomas Gigena MD opened True Health DPC in the space previously occupied by Dr. Alan Carter.  A Better Way Healing Center is closing and Dr. Andrea Greiner is looking for a new location for her practice… Jeff and Naomi Nizlek have closed the  popular Silver Grille (Anybody wanna buy a great restaurant?…Kim? Donna?). Sarah Sampson opened The Wild Dandelion. The aforementioned Jen Jacobson opened Beloved Cheesecakes. All That’s Good is a new kitchen store where Stone Buddha used to be and the recently opened Blue Bag collectibles hit a snag and has closed. Progress continues on the rebuilding of the former O’Brien’s location. Gear Up is still gearing up. The People’s Taphouse continues to tease us with the recent delivery of tables and chairs. Eric and Andrew at Silver Falls Brewing prepare for an expansion of their taphouse and by the time you read this Dan Milleta and William Mary of Ratchet Brewing will be ratcheting up the local supply of suds with a soft opening in the former location of Seven Brides Brewing… And you thought nothing was going on….

See you on the street…

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