Changing of guard for Mount Angel mayor

September 2019 Posted in Community

Kelly Grassman

Mount Angel Mayor Andrew Otte  handed in his resignation at the Aug. 5 City Council meeting. He recently moved outside the city limits.

“People move all the time,” Mt. Angel City Manager Amber Mathiesen said, adding that the city’s charter provides guidance for this situation.

“By default the city council president is the acting mayor,” she said.

Kelly Grassman, a council member since 2009 and owner of Mt. Angel Mercantile, is the current council president.

“It’s not a surprise,” Grassman said, noting that Otte had warned her of his upcoming move some time ago. “But we didn’t know exact timing.”

The council will meet on Sept. 3 and is expected to take action on filling the mayoral post. Grassman said she will serve as long as needed.

“I’m excited,” she said. “But I do not have plans. I am waiting until the vote. I don’t want to presume anything.”

Otte had served on the council since 2009 and as mayor since 2013. He was a member of the Mayors Association Board. He also had been an active volunteer of the Mt. Angel Fire Department, eventually achieving the post of captain. Otte also resigned that position. He has been replaced in that role by Craig Emch.

City Councilor Pete Wall said that the focus at this point should be on the legacy Otte leaves behind.

“He did a really good job while he was in office,” Wall said. “He did a great job of running the meetings and being inclusive.”

– Melissa Wagoner

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