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Breaking ground

On behalf of the many members of the St. Edward’s Cottages project planning group and St. Edward’s Church, I would like to thank the many community folks who attended the cottages groundbreaking ceremony.

On a beautiful day the community came together to learn more about the cottages project and hear about how the cottages will help unhoused women in Silverton. Those who attended the groundbreaking learned what the four cottages would look like, where they will be located and about the many wrap-around support services the women will receive.

Many people volunteered hours to help with the project and we received many donations. The money raised during the groundbreaking ceremony was enough for one whole cottage! Thank you to our community.

If you would like further information about the
cottages project and/or wish to volunteer your time or make a donation, contact Reverend Shana McCauley, Vicar of St. Edward’s church at 503-873-6188 or

Sincerely, Linda Craven, member of St. Edward’s Episcopal Church, Silverton


I read Carl Sampson’s recent article, “Wasn’t it wonderful?,” and noted a characterization that is both old fashioned and out of tune with the issue of homelessness. He noted that during a walk in the park, he “was even friendly to the bums that park their shopping carts and sprawl across the grass on a nice day.”

I’ve worked for many years on and off with those experiencing homelessness and am familiar with the many reasons people end up there. To call them “bums” is hurtful and stereotyping. They are people with dignity and needs and desires just like all of us.

Has Mr. Sampson ever been without shelter? If not, an immersion in the issue such as programs Portland has would be advised. Otherwise he has a responsibility to think carefully about the effect his words have on his readers regarding those living on the margins.

Penelope Lichatowich,

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