In the moment: Kind, grateful service Jan. 6

January 2019 Posted in Community

Beginning Jan. 6 the Church of the Moment will begin weekly Sunday 10 a.m. “services” in the Live Local space at 107 N. Water St., Silverton.

In meetings with couples for weddings and families for funerals, Mike Ashland has heard a growing number of people confess that they “once belonged” to a church or religion but have “fallen away.” Where in the past they were married and buried by the pastor of their church, today, there is no congregation, no church, no minister for them to turn to easily.

Reasons abound, Ashland said. Politics, money, conflicts, family issues, divorce… there was always passion in their reasoning but sadness about their empty Sunday morning place.

He said he’s heard, “It was the one place I got to sing every week!” and “I just miss the people, the fellowship.” And some described how they missed the ritual, the celebration of seasons, holidays and family events. A few even missed the challenges of readings and the inspiration of sermons.

After years of meetings and discussions with people from all walks of life, nearly every faith and more than a few theologians and sociologists, Ashland decided a new church was needed with a theology of four words:
Be kind. Be grateful.

Ashland said the Church of the Moment is not so much about what any person believes, but in what they do and how they live. Services will embrace beliefs that encourage and support kindness and gratitude.

Envisioning the future, he looks forward to the congregation singing popular oldies and contemporary songs as well as any religious songs they collectively want for a given season. Every service will include a short talk by guests, Ashland said. These may be from any walk of life and spiritual path but always focused on being kind and being grateful.

There will be a challenge every week. It could be something as simple as writing a thank you note or turning off your phone for an entire day.

All ages will be welcome. Ashland said he hopes to build a community of kind, grateful folk who are open to all kinds of people and who will take an active role in spreading kindness and gratefulness within their community.

For information, contact Ashland, 503-880-1742 or visit

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