Hope for the New Year: What’s yours?

January 2019 Posted in Community

By Melissa Wagoner

The beginning of a new year is often viewed as a clean slate, a time of fresh beginnings that brings hope to those who need it. Although most people use the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions as a way of setting personal goals, New Year’s hopes often extend beyond that to include families, the community, the country and even the world. And so, as we begin this new year of 2019, here are a few hopes from our neighbors for a better world, loving communities, happy families, healthy bodies and maybe just a new pair of ice skates.

“My hope for the new year is that we realize that we are all more alike than we are different despite race, gender, political affiliation, socioeconomic status sexual orientation, etc.” Joel Autry, 54, Silverton Wine Bar & Bistro owner

“I hope this year to build a stronger mindfulness practice. I hope to share what I can with those around me through classes. I think it’s important to really focus on what is nourishing for myself and my children. It’s going to be an amazing year.” Nicole Beaver, Silverton

“Think happy thoughts and relish in your moments of joy. The new year will be what you make of it.” Jan Burge,
Retired in Silverton

 “Drink more water and spend more time in nature.” Christy Davis, 50, Silver Falls Library Director

“My hope for the New Year for myself and my family is to find a good balance between work and play, to get back to nature and spend more quality time with my children. Self-care is also part of this hope – stepping back and really looking at what is serving us and getting rid of the things that hold us back from doing the things that we consider important.” Heather Desmarteau-Fast, 41, Silverton

“My hope for the new year is that it would be a ‘giving’ world instead of a ‘taking’ world. That each of us would consider preferring others over ourselves.” Carlene Dettwyler, Medical receptionist

“My hope for 2019 is that we can start moving away from hateful rhetoric and actions from our federal government and that racists are forced to go back into hiding. Oh… and that we start to take real action to attempt to save the planet for our children and their children.” Andy Diacetis, Small business owner

“Baby tister” (baby sister). Lucy Hupp, 2, “full-time trouble-maker” in Silverton

“My hope for 2019 is for more harmony, compassion, agreement, altruism, and peace – for us as a nation, for our Silverton community, and for all of us individually.  I would like all people to feel accepted, safe, appreciated, and optimistic. On a personal level, in 2019, I hope to continue to establish and strengthen Silverton Sheltering Services, secure sustainable funding sources, extend our services to all of our Silverton area unsheltered neighbors, expand our access and services, and help more people feel cared for and move forward in their lives.” Dr. Brent Jacobsen, 63,
President of Silverton Sheltering Services

“I hope that 2019 is the year when we re-find the common truth that we are all better when we do this life thing together. It means pushing through political apathy and the discomfort of locking horns on issues we disagree on – but when we work together, we are all better for it, individually and as a community.” Shana McCauley, 40,
Vicar at St. Edward’s Episcopal Church in Silverton

“I am hoping to manifest a year that involves more cycling, reading, and being present for myself. For my family, I hope to manifest more traveling, more arts and creativity, and learning plant identification and introducing traditional skills like archery to my girls. For my community, I hope to manifest more connections with my neighbors – to bring back that real sense of community that many of us parents long for. In my country, I hope for Understanding.  I hope for listening.  I hope we can manifest a country in which we stop fighting against each other and fight alongside each other instead. In our world, I hope for continued steps towards slowing global warming, preventing and ending wars, and manifesting a world community that values – really values – the living planet that we reside on.” Charity Grace Pape, 37, Registered Nurse

“May we all rediscover the power of love and music to comfort our pain, inspire our action, and change the world.” Jay Shenai, 43, Construction Project Manager

“I hope for it to snow next year and I hope for a black pair of ice skates.” Maya Shenai, 9

“My biggest hope for 2019 is that we can all work towards having more compassion and understanding of people who have different experiences than us. I’m thinking about parents judging other people’s parenting choices; I’m thinking about LGBTQ community members and the cruelty, danger and isolation they routinely face; I’m thinking about moms suffering from postpartum depression being afraid to get the support they need because of stigma and judgment. I hope that in 2019 we can all open our eyes a little more so we can see the common humanity within each and every one of us.” Jennifer Ungarwulff, Counselor

 “My hope is graduating preschool.”  Harry Wolterman, 4, Silverton

“My hope is to play soccer and for people to have a good life.”  Jack Wolterman, 7, Silverton

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