The Old Curmudgeon: Calling all cat lovers

August 2009 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

By Vern Holmquist

Hello, cat lovers.

I am on the staff of an old, very healthy barn cat named Cleo.

That’s right, cats have staff members from which at times they make very annoying demands.

There are those times when I have to remind Cleo that while cats may have nine lives, she is getting close to the end of her eighth so she should be careful where she treads on me.

The thing that seems to annoy Cleo the most is when I’m working at the computer which means I am ignoring her. Unhappy with me, she shows me no mercy and claws my hands right off the keyboard, sometimes drawing blood just to prove she’s in charge.

Oh, Cleo has her virtues. She is very clean, warm and at unexpected times curls up on my lap and makes those soothing sounds that are supposed to make her forgivable.

I guess I’ll keep her around for awhile.

The world is full of cat lovers. Unfortunately, not all cat lovers are responsible cat owners. Some may just get tired of having to care for cats while others find their circumstances have changed and the burden of having a cat is too much.

Some people find they do not want the expense of getting their cat spayed or neutered, nor has the cat had adequate sex education.

Which leaves the question of “Wow! What will we do with all those kittens (as lovable as they are)?”

Fortunately, there are cat lovers who provide shelter, loving care and, of course, litter for cats. They also make sure the cats are spayed or neutered and then try to find loving homes for them.

Even though some cat lovers are limited in their resources, they have a heart that will not allow them to ignore the plight of these unwanted cats.

Sheridan and Doris are two of these soft-hearted people who graciously help stray cats, one of whom I know has devoted 20 years to this effort, the other a long-time devoted helper. Sheridan and Doris now find they desperately need help caring for stray cats. They seek assistance sharing the burden in both labor and in the buying of food, paying for veterinarian care, medication and litter, which has become overwhelming. Though they suggest an adoption fee of $10, this by no means covers their out of pocket expense of operating their rescue shelter.

So there you have it, not just cats but two very nice ladies who are in need of both physical and financial help in caring for the strays or unwanted cats people have left with them in trust the best would be done for them. This is a worthy cause so if you have a little spare time or if you have a few bucks you can give to help these ladies care for these lovable bundles that can add so much to someone’s lives, please call Sheridan at 503-873-8132 or Doris at 503-873-3339 to lend a helping hand.

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