House District 18 needs a change: Guest Opinion

November 2018 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

As a House District 18 resident, I encourage folks from Aurora to Silverton to vote for Barry Shapiro,“for a change!”

Don’t get me wrong. I like the incumbent, Rep. Rick Lewis. I have met with him on several occasions. He is thoughtful, intelligent and a good listener. But the problem is, he gets it wrong on too many votes!

He voted no on the Cover All Kids bill, which his predecessor, Rep. Vic Gilliam, co-sponsored, in a bipartisan effort to guarantee healthcare to all of Oregon’s children. He voted no on HB 2391 which would make sure Oregon Health Plan recipients continue to get the coverage they need. He voted no on HB 4145 and SB 719, bills to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers and suicidal individuals. And the list goes on!

So I encourage House District 18 folks to vote for Barry Shapiro. He will vote for smaller class sizes and improved education. He will vote for affordable healthcare for all Oregonians. He will vote to protect our farmland, forests and water. And he will vote to create a sustainable energy economy creating thousands of new jobs.

Vote for Barry Shapiro – for a change!

Lee Mercer


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