Smith has history of community service

October 2018 Posted in Columnists & Opinion, Community

To the Editor: With elections for the City of Silverton fast approaching, I write in support of  the re-election of Dana Smith. During her past years in office, Dana has served the city of Silverton and its citizens admirably, effectively handling diverse issues that have arisen in our town while maintaining the quality of life that we all enjoy here.

In Dana’s 20 years as a resident of Silverton, she has served our beloved city continuously and has been involved in almost every facet of community life – Silver Falls School District board member and budget committee member, the Park Planning Committee, the Silverton Fine Arts Festival Committee, and as a construction supervisor for Habitat
for Humanity.

Because of Dana’s contributions, Silverton has a school district that is among the best in the state, parks residents can enjoy, festivals that bring thousands in to visit our city, and community members reaching out to those in need.

Dana’s focus is non-partisan.
She thinks about each issue independently of her own view points, listens to citizens, and then uses that information to vote based on what she thinks is best for our community. Dana is truly an outstanding public servant. I have observed her dedication to Silverton as she seeks what is best for our town. I give Dana Smith my highest recommendation for your vote for her re-election to city council.

– Christine Guenther

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