Food for Fines: Silver Falls Library teams up with SACA

September 2018 Posted in Community, Food & Drink, People

By Melissa Wagoner food for fines

When library fines add up many people stop using the library – according to Christy Davis, Director of the Silver Falls Library District. Now, for a limited time, those patrons have the chance to pay off their fines and support the local foodbank as well.

The program is called Food for Fines and will take place Sept. 18 – 29 with a number of canned and boxed foods and household products valued toward dollars off late book charges. The program does not include penalties for lost or damaged items.

“This is something that different libraries across the nation do,” Davis explained. “We do it as a sporadic event. It’s whenever the board gets a hankering to do it.”

The last Food for Fines at Silver Falls Library took place back in 2012 but, after observing a recent – and very successful – food drive in the Salem District, the Silverton board decided it was time to hold the event again.

“They brought in a lot of food,” Davis said. “The library also did well, too, because sometimes people paid off their fines and brought in food.”

Another factor that played into the scheduling of this event is the increase in need that Silverton Area Community Aid (SACA) sees during this time of year. The items in the highest demand – and those that are valued for the most fine equivalency – are peanut butter (equal to three dollars in fine forgiveness), laundry detergent (worth $5) and snack items – such as individually packaged chips and nuts – which are in high demand during the school year (worth $3).

“Part of my goal in being here is to become even more of a community connection,” Davis said. “A lot of the people libraries serve are also served by food pantries and community dinners.”

Davis encourages anyone with a Silver Falls Library District account to come in, call in or – better yet – download the new CCRLS mobile app to find out how many fines are on their account, then – whether in lieu of fines or just to help a good cause – to bring in non-perishable items for SACA.

“We’re really curious to see how many pounds cross the street,” Davis laughed, referring to SACA’s nearby location.

Food for Fines at Silver Falls Library
Sept. 18 – 29 CCRLS Library App: 503-873-5173

Food/Fine Equivalency

Canned foods 6 oz. or greater, powdered milk, chocolate chips, nuts, packaged rice, pasta and cereal: $1 credit per package

Full box of prepackaged snacks, cooking oil,
peanut butter, bagged sugar or flour: $3 credit per package

Laundry soap, boxes of hygiene products
and diapers: $5 credit per item

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