City urges water conservation

August 2018 Posted in Community

Because most of Oregon – including Silverton – is experiencing drought conditions the city has entered voluntary water curtailment mode.

The city’s primary water source is Abiqua Creek which city staff reports as flowing at 12.4 cubic feet per second. Silver water customers are currently using about 3.5 cfs, or 28 percent of the stream flow.

Steps the city is taking include:

City park irrigation systems will be operated to achieve maximum efficiency based upon data from their on-site weather station.

Hydrant and water line flushing shall be limited to essential needs.

Silverton Reservoir will be operated in the water conservation mode.

Treated effluent water will be used to irrigate the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Residents are urged to:

Voluntarily restrict lawn watering and other nonessential water uses. Residential and business customers are encouraged to limit watering with addresses ending in even numbers watering on even numbered days; addresses ending in odd numbers watering on odd numbered days.

Restrict watering to early morning and evening hours to avoid evaporation.

Adjust irrigation systems to prevent water runoff or overspray onto streets.

Repair dripping faucets and inspect for indoor leaks beneath sinks dishwashers, and in the tub/shower.

Only run full loads in the clothes washer.

For information, contact the Public Works Department at 503-873-8679. or visit the City’s website at

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