Shine on: Rest in peace Rick, Linda… and welcome home to the Borbons

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Dixon CMYK 2016Many years ago, a young man was singing the Bee Gees hit, To Love Somebody to his classmates at the old Silverton High School. The crooner, not used to large audiences outside of the cat listening outside his shower, forgot a line from a song he had learned just a day before.

The singer turned away from his 300-student audience, muttered, “I forgot the words” to the guitar player accompanying him, but inadvertently forgot to take the mic away from his mouth.

The guitarist, much more than your typical high school band guitar player, smiled a little smirk as if to say, “Rookie”, and didn’t miss a beat while the red-faced pseudo-entertainer recovered.

Rick Burch saved my bottom that day and helped me stumble through a suspect rendition of the theme from Romeo and Juliet at the Prom and a song or two at Queen of Hearts. Just a few years ago, he was back on stage with his group, the Flex Tones, accompanying me on, Addicted To Love during the “AmeriTitle Idol” fundraiser for SACA at Mac’s.

Rick was a smart guy, an excellent musician, had a great voice and an exceptional wit. I would see him from time to time around Silverton, and we would always chat about what was happening and where did all the great music go when the ‘60s were long gone.

We talked in the parking lot of Roth’s just a few weeks ago. I made a joke about us now shopping for denture cream and Depends instead of Olympia beer and a cardboard pizza for a night with our buds. He always cracked me up, and I always enjoyed my time with him.

Just three days later, I received a text that he had passed away unexpectedly. It happens to all of us, and it is always sad to say goodbye to childhood memories. For all the times we talked about jamming again just for kicks, I wish we had. This one hurt. God Speed and good music, Rick.

We lost Linda DeSantis this month as well. What a sweet woman, wonderful mother, awesome wife, great friend, and genuinely good soul. She was funny, gracious, and always giving of her time, hugs, love, and kindness.

To Tom, I am so sorry, you lost a good one. Keep the great memories alive and with you always. For Nicole, Jeff and Ken – your mother was a sweetheart. It is going to be painful for some time, but she will always be with you, leaving so many influences from her raising you through the years. My condolences for you and the entire DeSantis clan. Linda was a classic, and a lot of people are going to miss her dearly.

Cheers for Immanuel Lutheran Church. There are some fine people in that house of worship. They have donated a few hundred thousand pounds of good food to Silverton Area Community Aid. They minister to the poor and sick. They welcome everyone.

Now they are offering citizenship courses (with the help of loads of volunteers and Keith Amano, rockstar) and led by a new intern pastor, Manuel Borbon, a warm-hearted, passionate man, with his wife Laura, who have received an open-arms welcome from the congregation. The couple have two precious little ones, Laura, 4, and Manuelito, 1. The intern pastor is the Latino Mission Developer.

Thanks to a generous group of good Christian folks, a focused and dynamic project manager (Dave Miller), and a highly successful fundraising campaign, the Borbons now have a charming home immediately next door to the church. It has been renovated beautifully and was blessed earlier this month by a loving congregation, the incredible Pastor Leah Stolte-Doerfler, and an excited, grateful family. That is sure to make God smile.

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