More smiles per gallon: Than your average hot rod

May 2018 Posted in Columnists & Opinion, Community

Man About TownThe Silverton Garden Club and Silverton Together invite you to the 4th annual Silverton Garden Tour. The June 9 tour will feature some of the area’s most inspired private gardens and afford you the opportunity to visit other people’s back yards without having the police called out on you. $15 advance tickets are available at Silverton Together, Chamber of Commerce and the Farmers Market and day of tour at the welcome booth at 333 Westfield for $20.

Apparently local band Syco Billy’s has hit the big time, cruising to gigs in their new “tour bus”…. the fellas (oddly enough, none of which is named Billy…) are now a-pickin & a-grinnin down the road in style.

Who-Boy-Howdy there’s a lot going on in Our Towns’ businesses so let’s get to it… Jonathan Hamm purchased Audio Hearing from the retiring Ron Hunt (whenever they ask you a question, always respond with “WHAT?”… They love it when you do that). Santiam Tractor has replaced Linn Benton Tractor which moved back to its Albany location. The expansion continues at Silver Spur RV Park and Silver Creek Auto Body is celebrating 25 years of fixing our automotive boo boos. Bazaar Americana is moving from Main Street to the former Rose of Sharon location on N. Water Street, Elle Spa and Figaro’s mysteriously disappeared, and Mike and Dayna Rich of 3 Ten Water have hired new staff  so they can go back to being open 7 days a week and Mike still can cook, just not as much. Annie Smith opened her “boutique” photo studio next to the theater, Kim Knox is movingThe Chocolate Box from Water to First Street (inside of Whimsy) and Matthew and Mandy Jones opened Silver Creek Crossfit on Lewis in the former location of Dunmire Automotive. Silver Falls Brewery celebrates their 1 year anniversary with plans to expand. Gallon House has installed a wall of garage doors for that open feel and Peoples Taphouse and Benedictine Brewery inch ever closer to servin’ up the suds. Daylight Vintage Clothing (where they have a pair of what appears to be Dixon Bledsoe’s jeans on the wall…) and Ammie’s Attic opened on First Street, The Trunk closed and moved to the store in Salem and Dr. Rob Rosborough has doubled the size of his Township Health Direct Primary Care and welcomed Dr. Tomas Gigena to the practice…. And you thought nothing was going on…..

When Bill Schmidt recently made an impromptu visit to a fellow classic car enthusiast’s shop over in Salem he wasn’t interested in adding another project to his list. While shooting the breeze as only two car guys can, his friend asks “Hey you’re from Silverton, right?” and proceeds to dig a door out of a pile of parts from an old 1949 pick up he had acquired. Right there on the door, barely visible under the layers of dirt and rust were the words “Howell  Automotive, Silverton Oregon.” Bill slowly realized that this was the very truck that he and his young bride Judy had borrowed to move their belongings to Silverton way back in 1972. Needless to say, now Bill has another “labor of love” to complete, choosing not to restore the old truck but rather to get it back on the road with the rusty patina befitting it’s 69 years… Sometimes in life you don’t choose a project, sometimes the project chooses you and I for one can’t wait to see it back on the road. Every time I see it drive by I will smile and think of Judy Schmidt.…and now, you will too….

See you on the street…

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