Bowling us over: Bob Holowati to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

January 2018 Posted in Community

Bob Holowati Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

By Nancy Jennings

If you’re a bowler, you will want Bob Holowati on your team. His love for the sport began when he was a freshman in high school. The Silverton resident has bowled three perfect 300 games during his league nights – so far. The  recipient of the 2017 “Judy Schmidt Lifetime Achievement” award from the Silverton Chamber of Commerce, Holowati is soft spoken about his nomination.

“I was surprised. It’s an honor,” he said. Silverton’s 47th Annual First Citizens Banquet will take place Sat., Feb. 3, beginning at 6 p.m. at the Oregon Garden Pavilion.

Nominated by Silverton’s Citizens Bank Manager Brian Mitchell, Holowati has frequently served out of the limelight.

“Bob is humble. He’ll work in a booth, move stages, help kids, help his wife with ‘Silverton Together’ events and raise money for Relay for Life – but he will never tell you. He’s just a good guy and he deserves it,” Mitchell said.

You may have asked Holowati for assistance at Ace Hardware, where he has worked for the past 12 years. He recently switched sides and now works in the variety section of adjoining Hi-School Pharmacy. His manager, Traci Hunter, is thrilled for him to receive his upcoming award.

“Bob is a very hard worker. He always does what we ask – and more. I’m very proud of him.”

He once worked at O’Brien’s Café as a cook. Sharon Hatteberg, who worked with him there for nearly three years, is happy for him. “I think that’s great. He would give you the shirt off his back. He’s just a really good guy,” she said.

Dennis Rogers, a business assistant at Silver Falls Library, has known Holowati for nearly 30 years. “I met him through bowling. They were looking for somebody to be on the team, and I happened to work with one of the guys that was on the team. Bob asked me ‘Hey, do you bowl? I said ‘No.’ He then asked, ‘Would you like to learn?’ I said ‘sure.’”

Rogers added that because he has witnessed all three of Holowati’s “perfect 300” bowling league games, he is humorously referred to as his friend’s “good luck charm.”

Holowati, 64, and his wife, Jan, have been married for 28 years, have two children, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. He is a devoted Oregon State Beavers fan. He was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Portland when he was five, and has lived in Oregon ever since.

“We lived in the Butte Creek area near Scotts Mills for 21 years. We’ve only been living in Silverton for six years,” he said.

The couple once ran their own business, Silver Creek Deli, for 12 years – along with Jan’s sister. In 1999, he donned a bright orange vest and waved at the passersby as he volunteered to direct traffic in town during the rush hour. “I worked for the police department part-time on ‘C’ and ‘Water Streets’ between three and six p.m.”

A list of his community volunteerism includes the following:

Kiwanis Club President for two years, Kiwanis Garage Sales for High School Scholarships, Silverton Fine Art Festival, Homer Davenport Days, Fundraising for Relay for Life, Oktoberfest Booth (Kiwanis Club), serves dinner at the Wednesday Night Dinners at First Christian Church and at the Community Picnics. In addition, he can often be
seen around town clearing out leaves/debris from the storm drains during
the autumn season.

He also volunteers time with Jan, who is the Program Coordinator of Silverton Together, a nonprofit organization with the mission statement of “Working Together for the Health and Well-being of all our Children, Families and Community.” The couple recognizes the importance of educational needs in the community, such as ongoing parenting classes.

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