Honoring the Fennimores: Scotts Mills celebration set for Jan. 14

January 2018 Posted in Community

Fennimore, Esther & Dave's 60th(3) PHOTO BY KELSI KENFIELDBy Nancy Jennings

Dedicated. Considerate. Loving.
Caring. Friendly. Energetic. Thoughtful. Forgiving. Amazing. Easygoing. Memorable.

These are the words uttered from grateful friends to describe Scotts Mills’ Dave and Esther Fennimore.

On Sunday, Jan. 14, from 1 to 4 p.m.,
the entire community will be honoring them at a party held at the Scotts Mills Grange Hall, 299 4th St. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Over desserts and coffee, guests are invited to share stories of their association with the Fennimores. Their invaluable and numerous contributions made over the years to their community have made a heartfelt impact on the small town of 355.

The longtime pair commemorated their 65th wedding anniversary in November. Dave, 84, and Esther, 83, were both born in Scotts Mills and have three children, five grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Dave is also known as the “Birdhouse Man,” having made numerous whimsical handmade wooden birdhouses and other crafts for many years.

Recently, some of their friends gathered at their weekly Thursday morning coffee social at the community center and shared the following about them.

Margaret Gersch: “I’ve known Dave since he was eight or nine years old. I’ve lived in the Scotts Mills area since 1931. Ever since I’ve known them, their families have been members of the community. They have stayed here to support it ever since they were born. They followed in their parents’ footsteps. I think it’s wonderful that the community is recognizing the efforts they have put into this town.”

Jerry Lake volunteers at the Food Bank and at the Thursday morning coffee socials.

“I’ve known Dave and Esther since 1982 and they’ve been a great spirit in this town. They’ve initiated a lot of things that helped a lot of people. They are very loving and thoughtful – and I will be at their party. I won’t miss it for the world.”

Jerry and Sandy Grulkey share a passion of buying and restoring historical houses.

“My wife and I owe a great deal of gratitude to the Fennimores. About 13 years ago, we came to town and noticed that the ‘Scott House’ was for sale. We went to the pancake breakfast and received a warm reception by Dave and Esther,” Jerry said.

The impression made by that meeting resulted in the Grulkeys settling in Scotts Mills.

Gena Dibala moved to Scotts Mills in 1945. She first went to school with Dave, and later met Esther in high school. Dave and her late husband, Paul, were close friends. She said her true family and “honorary” family often blended into one. “Our kids called them ‘Aunt’ and ‘Uncle.’”

Joe Plas was born and raised in Scotts Mills.

“Esther was my ‘row boss’ way back when I worked in the strawberry fields. They’ve been involved in the Grange for as long as I can remember,” he said, adding “if there was anything that came up, they helped with everything.”

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