Summer campsa: Outdoors, farm life, yoga, sports – lots of things to explore

May 2017 Posted in Community
Courtesy Canyonview Ministries

Courtesy Canyonview Ministries


By Melissa Wagoner

Chris Kinman enjoyed his childhood summer camp experience so much he made a career out of it.

“I was kind of a shy little guy, but I loved it,” Kinman said. “The counselor I had just made it fun. I didn’t even get homesick.”

Kinman, the Associate Director at Canyonview Ministries, attended many camps throughout his childhood and young adult years and understands the impact that a camp experience can have.

“The friendships they gain are lifelong,” Kinman said. “The friends I made then – we still hang out today and our kids go to camp.”

Kinman is part of a staff of more than 60 at Canyonview Ministries outside Silverton which offers both day and overnight camps for children seven and up.

Overnight campers sleep in cozy cabins with five bunks and are served a healthy diet of fresh baked bread and scratch made meals.

Kinman suggests that when deciding whether a child is ready for overnight camp parents consider their child’s level of self-confidence, and whether he or she has spent the night at a friend’s house.

Day and overnight campers find a lot of outdoor entertainment. Encompassing over 64 acres, this faith-based camp teaches, among other skills; archery, boating, fishing, outdoor cooking and horsemanship.

“They learn to have fun,” Kinman said. “Some have never been in the outdoors before. We’ve got the creek to go creek walking in, the rope swing, the diving board. We’ve got life guards teaching them how to swim.”

Also just outside of Silverton, GeerCrest Farm offers day camps for ages 6 to 16 and week-long overnight options to those over 8.

“As a classroom, children and adults alike experience what a homestead farm is like, not just by witnessing but by participating. For the duration of their visit campers become extended members of an inter-generational farm family,” Site Director Cayla Catino explained.

Both day and overnight visitors learn to milk and care for the farm’s herd of dairy goats, gather eggs, garden, cook and preserve food and explore a variety of traditional crafts.

Another way of getting kids outside and into a natural rhythm with nature is through Kids Yoga Summer Camp. A new addition on the summer camp scene, yoga instructors Chantal Barton and Jenifer Trivelli are partnering to offer a week-long day camp to children in grades three through eight.

“We’re teaching mindfulness and calmness while having fun,” Barton said.

On 31 acres five miles outside Silverton, Barton and Trivelli plan to utilize the space not only for yoga but also nature walks, terrarium construction and a giant puppet class.

Also teaching body awareness this summer are the Silverton Ballet & Performing Arts Company and the Silverton Gymnastics Academy.

Many other camps will also be taking place around the region including traditional sports camps such as basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, soccer and swimming as well as art and science camps.

Whether it’s a day camp or a week-long over night session, indoors or out, camp can be a great way to learn new skills, boost confidence and foster friendships that can last a lifetime. Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.51.35 AM

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