Women’s care expands

May 2017 Posted in Community, Your Health

The newest member of the obstetrical and gynecological care at Legacy Medical Group is Dr. Rachael Rayburn, D.O.

The practice has grown to include four OB-GYN physicians, one gynecologist, one nurse practitioner, and six certified nurse midwives seeing patients in Silverton, Salem and Woodburn.

The OB-GYN’s are all surgeons and have expertise in fertility, gynecological procedures, tubal ligation, hysterectomies, and more.

The nurse practitioner is a certified midwife as well, but has changed her focus to women’s health.

The midwife-attended deliveries support the natural process of labor and are ideally for healthy, low-risk pregnancies.

Dr. Rayburn may be new to the clinic but not the West Coast. Born and raised in California, she did her residency in New Jersey and was eager to return to the Northwest.

When asked why she picked OB-GYN as her specialty, she was quick to respond.

“It’s about the relationships you get to experience with patients and colleagues,” said Dr. Rayburn.

“The platinum rule that guides our work is we go a step further to treat patients the way they want their mother, sister and wives to be treated.”

Dr. Rayburn is a mother and wife who enjoys family time and hiking in her spare time.

Other providers include Denis Dalisky, MD; Margaret Bowden, MD; Glenn Bernstein, MD; John Yang, MD; Mary Tippin, NP; Nancy MacMorris-Adix, CNM; Molly MacMorris-Adix, DNP, CNM; Lisa Malmquist, CNM; Lori Swain, DNP, CNM; Devin Salazar, CNM; and Michelle Lane, CNM.

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