Nurturing types: Stories about caring for the young and not-so-young

April 2017 Posted in Columnists & Opinion, Community

dixon2016Miss Becky is leaving the building.
Mic drop.

After 12 years of hugging, loving, and teaching three and four year old little darlings, Becky Detherage is hanging up her pre-school hat. Becky started James Street Christian Preschool at the Assembly of God Church, where husband Rich was the pastor. It was an instant success because this woman was made for working with children. It then moved to Immanuel Lutheran Church, the home of Noah’s Ark Preschool. After two other moves the preschool found its roots at Immanuel Lutheran again.becky (2)

Years of working with kids, a job she loves, is coming to a close May 31. Husband Rich says of Miss Becky, “Her total career in early childhood education spans over 30 years. I may be prejudiced, but there are teachers, then there is Miss Becky. I have never known anyone with more passion for kids. I’ve seen her take meals to sick moms, take kids to lunch and often weep over family dilemmas.”

Retiring? Not this woman. You can find her at her new second career in real estate with B&ST Realty. And there is no doubt – there will be hugs, snacks, and the same caring spirit she gave her hundreds of mini-minions for 30 years. The jury is still out on whether her real estate clients will be required to drink their milk and take naps, but rest assured there will be smiles all around.

Speaking of awesome, how about Mike and Ken Roth? What they did that turned a disabled vet’s world right-side up is a remarkable thing.

Mike is a Realtor and his dad, Ken was one, too, before retiring.  Ken had a rental property and rented it to a disabled Army vet who recently came off his third deployment in a combat zone. Talk turned to whether the owner would sell the house, and if the vet could afford it. With Mike handling the sale, a deal was put together at a price likely to be way under what this red-hot real estate market would bear. That got the soldier the approval he needed from his V.A. lender. The Roths put a new roof on for him and picked up his closing costs, working with him every step of the way.

Because of their kindness and respect for his service, he was able to buy the home just two months ago, a home he couldn’t have afforded otherwise. People who know I’m in real estate might ask, “Why is he promoting another Realtor? Aren’t they competitors?”  Who cares?  Ya gotta love those Roth boys.

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