Gear Up: Silverton natives serve up traditional treats, new favorites

April 2017 Posted in Community, Food & Drink

Annie n Dan SchacherBy Nancy Jennings

There is something to be said for the tried and true. Grandma’s preserves. Hot dogs at baseball games. Movie theater popcorn. One can add Joy Hoge’s cinnamon buns at Gear Up Espresso to the list.

Her fresh-baked cinnamon buns have the distinction of being the centerpiece pastry at Gear Up for years.

“I knew we had to bring Joy’s cinnamon buns back,” new owner Dan Schächer said.

“Joy founded ‘Gear Up’ in 2003. You would basically rush down here on Saturday mornings in order to get one,” Dan recalled.

Married for 13 years, Dan and his wife, Annie, both 35, have been the new owners of Gear Up Espresso since September 2016.

Specialty hot and cold coffee drinks, assorted pastries and sandwiches round out their menu.

“We have started selling ‘grab-and-go’ Timber Trail bagel sandwiches.”

They also offer the “Fall Line” bagel sandwich, named for Jason Franz, owner of Fall Line in town.

“He would special order these sandwiches and we decided they were so good they should be offered to everyone in honor of Jason,” Dan said.

They also offer a fermented cold tea drink fortified with probiotics called Kombucha. Dan said they chose to carry Lion Heart Kombucha from Portland because it has the least amount of sugar content. Customers can even buy it in a growler.

Plus there’s a variety of fresh baked bread from the  neighboring Silver Falls Baking Company.

Dan’s former directional drilling jobs kept him out of town for 17 years. He now splits time between his job at Silverton Sand and Gravel – and the coffeehouse.

“I’ve always wanted to run a business in Silverton. To not only live here, but also to work here,” he said.

Annie is a 5th grade teacher at Victor Point Elementary, which happens to be the same school Dan attended as a child.

Both born and raised in Silverton. The two have four children: Marissa, 9, Spencer, 7, and 4-year-old twins, Grayson and Tanner.

They said they are thankful for their parents helping with childcare duties as they juggle their respective jobs apart – and together as business partners.

“It has been an exciting life change for us. A fun last six months,” Annie said.

“Annie and I love the people of this town. We have heard requests from customers and have our dreams of the direction Gear Up will go. We are excited to hear from the community – and are always up for trying something new if it is requested. Just ask,” Dan said.

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