The man about town: Change is in the air

February 2017 Posted in Community

Man About TownIf your New Year’s resolutions included (besides losing 25 lbs. you gained since resolving to lose 25 lbs. last year) more reading, then the Silver Falls Library has you covered. Oh sure, you can always walk in and take a book home with you but that is soooo 2016….. Savvy page perusers go to, click on the “Library 2 Go” button, load one of the 1,000 titles onto your “device”and boom, you’re off and reading. When your time is done, the book will magically vanish, leaving you with no hard copy to find under that ever-growing mountain of  fastfood wrappers, no trip back to return it, and best of all, none of those pesky late fees you usually end up owing.

Be sure to mark Feb. 24 and 25 ’cause sausage lovers don’t want to miss the wurst festival ever… Everybody knows Mount Angel puts on the wurst festivals: the wurst food, the wurst music and just the all around wurst time you can have while having fun. It’s held at the Mount Angel Festhalle, which has to be the best wurst venue you can imagine… If you still want information, look left, or go to

With the strife in our country and world these days, it’s easy to become numb to the negative news that comes our way, but one headline in particular caught The Man’s eye, news that no one ever wants to hear, news that most assuredly means the apocalypse is surely upon us: ”Nation’s bacon reserves hit 50-year low.” Take a moment and let that sink in. Yep, you read it right, there are literally not enough piggies going to market. Now, before you find yourself wondering if it’s worth even carrying on, know although the nation’s pig farmers are setting records by producing more pigs than ever, 26 percent of production is being exported. Join The Man in demanding our leaders do something (’cause everyone knows the government makes everything better) to “Make America Oink Again!”

If you have ever wanted to “Sign a Stud” (sorry, we’re not talkin’ a tattoo on The Man) then you’re in luck. During February, your business or organization can sponsor or collect donations and decorate a stud to be used to build a local Habitat for Humanity home. The stud will be provided by Habitat and complete with your loving messages, will be a part of the home forever. Habitat kingpin Michelle Finicle says it’s like a “giant community hug” for the partner family. Contact Michelle, 503-845-2177, or

At last the ice is melting, the days are getting warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom and that can only mean one thing…. spring is in the air and with it comes… No silly, not love, it means local business changes. Dr. Tim Richardson is opening Acorn Dentistry for Kids on North Water Street; the Live Local Marketplace has opened next to former Silverton restaurant, O’Brien’s, which mysteriously closed, and renovations on Larsen Flynn Insurance’s new location are nearing completion. The plans for two new downtown Silverton brewpubs have come to a head and continue to ferment, Holland Collision moved into its new digs out at Silverton Road and Westfield by Tan Republic, which was purchased by Lindsey and Scott Graham, and Aylene Geringer, who last year sold the Chocolate Box to the Knox family, has opened her new chocolate store in Friday Harbor. Megan Bonham sold Silverton Gynastics to ex-Texans, Celia and Todd Storey; Matthew Burford has replaced the newly retired Ferren Taylor as manager of Silverton’s Columbia Bank (and assumed Ferren’s role as teller of the worst jokes, but those are some big shoes to fill) and Les Schwab assistant manager Adam Sherry was promoted to store manager of the Sweet Home store and was replaced by Steven Clark.. And you thought nothing was going on.

See you on the street…

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