Harcourts NW Oregon Realty Group: Business of the year

January 2017 Posted in Community
Harcoarts Realty Group

Harcoarts NW Oregon Realty Group

By Kristine Thomas

For Connie Hinsdale, it’s all about how you treat people.
And if you treat them with respect, kindness and support, they in turn will do the same.

While the name on the outside of the business may have changed a few times over the years, Hinsdale’s dedication to having her agents work as a team, giving back to the community and being leaders in their industry has remained constant.

For it’s contributions to the community, Harcourts NW Oregon Realty Group was chosen as Silverton Business of the Year for 2016 by the Silverton Chamber of Commerce.

“While many businesses contribute to the area, I feel this business goes above and beyond just trying to be present in the community,” wrote Cynthia Johnson in the nomination letter.

From sponsoring events including Homer Davenport Days, Silverton Together, Silver Fox Foundation, Silverton High School and the Pet Parade to lending a hand or sponsoring local athletic teams, there is a long list of the ways Hinsdale’s business has contributed to Silverton. Every summer, the real estate agents clean Silver Creek from the foot bridge near the Coolidge McClaine Park to the Main Street bridge.

Hinsdale, who is the principal broker and owner, recalls how she started her real estate business in 1996 in Ginni Stensland’s Victorian home, with Ginni as the only agent. There are now 18 agents working at Harcourts.

It was Stensland who encouraged Hinsdale to open Coldwell Banker, the first real estate franchise in Silverton.

While the name has changed, the people who Hinsdale hired to be a part of her team have remained, Stensland said.

And at Harcourts, it really is a team, Stensland added.

“Connie is the best leader and keeps all us all together and on the same page. Her enthusiasm encourages team work,” Stensland said. “It’s been a joy to work with her. She has a community spirit and she encourages her agents to give back to their community.”

When Hinsdale purchased the office in 2004 from another real estate company in Salem, she said it presented the opportunity to personalize the business model. “The goal is to have local professional agents and provide them ongoing training to be the best they can be,” she said. “Also to create ‘raving fans’ to develop a strong return customer and client base as well as a strong referral network through professional practice and strong marketing platform.”

By accomplishing those goals, it allowed the company to give back to the communities that it receives business from. Acknowledging the real estate business is competitive, Hinsdale said she is most proud of how the agents have worked as a team. “We work like a family,” Hinsdale said. “The seasoned agents are always good about sharing their knowledge with new licensees.”

Hinsdale said part of what makes the business successful is her team works hard but has fun doing it.

“If we do our best the business comes to us. It is not all about the money. It is about building strong professional relationships,” Hinsdale said.

Known as someone who does her homework and what’s best for her team, Hinsdale said one of the reasons she purchased the Harcourt franchise is because it offers the team ongoing training. An independently owned business based in Australia, Harcourts was started in 1888. There are more than 900 offices worldwide.

“After two years of investigation and soul searching, I made the decision to be a part of this exciting company,” Hinsdale said. “In my 31 years of real estate it is the most agent , and owner, supportive franchise. It was the right move.”

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