Be good: All ages share advice on how to get on Santa’s good list

November 2016 Posted in Community

By Nancy Jennings and Kristine Thomas

He’s not jolly and so upset that he’s refusing to eat warm chocolate chip cookies and frothy, cold milk.

In fact, according to Elf Eliza Doolittle, he’s a bit mystified at how rudely some people are behaving, especially with Christmas around the corner. The things people are posting on social media sites and saying to one another have him crossing off names on the good list and adding them to the bad list.

Yes, Silverton and Mount Angel, Santa Claus is disappointed at how some people are acting, especially before and after the election.

“If you want Santa to come visit, you have to behave yourselves,” Nancy Agee, 80, of Mount Angel said.

Fortunately, Elf Eliza said Santa’s a forgiving soul and willing to give everyone a chance to get back in his good graces.

People in Mount Angel and Silverton were asked what advice they would give to help someone get on, or stay on, Santa’s good list. Here’s what we learned:

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, Otto Stadeli, 88; Vivian Haney, 71; and Margaret Hall, 75, were playing pinochle when they took time out to share some advice.

Hall said being kind to one another makes all the difference.

“Live by the Golden Rule,” Hall said. “Simply treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Haney isn’t surprised Santa’s upset. “I don’t think people stop to think things through before they say or do something,” she said. “If everyone would just be kind. It doesn’t take much. When you are walking down the street, say hello.”

Stadeli advises people to “Trust in God” and follow his advice.

Silverton Senior Center Executive Director Dodie Brockamp wasn’t shocked to hear Santa Claus was revising his list.

“People have been naughty and not kind or forgiving,” Brockamp said. “They certainly have not been kind with their words.”

Her advice is to be forgiving, generous with your time, to get along and to love on another.

“The election is over,” she said. “Now is the time to make the best of the situation. We are a country of fortitude and helping others.”

Abram Lauch, 12; Ellie Launch, 11; Tiare Velasquez, 12; and Leah Kately were walking or riding bikes to Coolidge – McClaine Park when they stopped to consider what they could do to stay on Santa’s good list.

“I would tell my brother,” Ellie said, glancing over at Abram, “to do his chores. He didn’t clean the kitchen or the living room and I had to do it for him.”

All three girls said kids their age should listen to their parents and their teachers.

“They need to remember to be respectful,” Kately said. She reminded people not to judge others by who they voted for in the presidential election.

“I think it’s best not to say rude stuff about politics,” Velasquez added.

Mount Angel resident Dean Lancaster, 16, recommended his peers to respect their elders. “I’ve seen that some people don’t respect our elders as they should,” he said.

Mount Angel residents Eman Montegna, Christopher Larson, Isabelle Venegas and Addison Koffler, all 5, think being good and remembering to say “please” and “thank you” should work wonders.

Ahlya Sanarov, 10, of Mount Angel plans to try to be nice to her brothers and sisters and not to beg for everything at the stores.

Chalen Hoffert, 19, and Clint Sager, 26, both took a minute to share their thoughts in between cheerfully greeting customers at Dutch Bros.

For Sager, it’s pretty simple.

“People just need to help each other out,” Sager said. “We all need to remember to lend a helping hand whenever needed.”

Hoffert’s advice was for her generation. “We all need to treat our parents better and be appreciative of what they have done for us,” Hoffert said. “I would suggest people my age surprise their parents and do nice things for them and help them out when they need it.”

She also suggested when people see someone who needs help, help.

“If you see a woman struggling to carry her groceries, help her out,” she said. “I would suggest people do what they can to spread love and happiness.”

Shayla Davis of Shayla Lynn Jewelry and Gifts in Silverton advises people to shop locally when possible especially for gifts.

“To get back on Santa’s good list, people should make it a habit to reduce, reuse and recycle,” she added.

Silverton Police Chief Jeff Fossholm is thankful he lives and works in Silverton. “This is really a great community. We may not have the same opinions but we respect each other, get along and compromise,” Fossholm said. “We work together to get things done.”

Mount Angel resident Tammy Davis, 48, said her advice is to carry out random acts of kindness with no expectation of reward while Dorothy Gross, 73, said it’s best to be nice to everybody. Bill Dugan, 77, of Mount Angel said people need to be kind to seniors.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and have fun doing it,” Shirley Smith, 82, Mount Angel said.

Aly Donahue, 20, of Mount Angel said anger, unwarranted judgment and pointless negativity does no good.

“Be kind, selfless and promote change,” she said.  Janis Vandecoevering, 63, Monitor and Kayla Gustafson, 28, Silverton both gave advice that rings true of the holiday spirit. “Just be kind,” Vandecoevering said.

“Always act with love and compassion,” Gustafson said. “Love heals all.”

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